Staying at the Yellowstone Ranch Is No Longer Just a Dream

Yellowstone is a Paramount series starring Kevin Costner. In its four seasons, this drama series about a powerful family of ranchers has certainly gained a following of over five million viewers. If you are among those who enjoy the show and looking at the magnificent vistas and landscapes of its setting, you’ll surely enjoy this bit of news. It’s now possible to stay at the famous Chief Joseph Ranch where the show is filmed.

Staying at the Yellowstone Ranch Is No Longer Just a Dream The Set of the Yellowstone Series

The Dutton family ranch is actually the Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby, Montana. It’s a functioning cattle ranch, a family home, and a vacation spot. The location manager for the Yellowstone series thought it would be the perfect setting for the show. After a call to the owners, the series found its unique and stunning filming location. The lodge great room, back porch, kitchen, front porch, and helipad have been used for the main house. The woods, several locations along the Bitterroot River, and the ranch cabins, barns, round pen, cemetery, and several other locations were used for filming as well.

Why It’s Called the Chief Joseph Ranch

When the property was homesteaded in 1880, it was known as the Shelton ranch. Federal Judge Howard Clark Hollister and glass tycoon William S. Ford bought the ranch in 1914 and renamed it the Ford and Hollister Ranch. They built a 6,000 square-foot lodge. It was sold in the early 1950s and named the Chief Joseph Ranch after the great Nez Perce chief.

Chief Joseph Ranch Cabins are Available to Rent

The property has two cabins to rent – the Fisherman Cabin that was Lee Dutton’s cabin and the Ben Cook Cabin or Rip’s Cabin in the show. Up to eight people can stay in each cabin. The guest cabins are usually available only between March and the first week of January when filming of Yellowstone isn’t taking place. There is a three-night stay minimum and visitors are free to bring their own horses to the ranch!

New Solar Powered Panels Made of Plastic Bottles Can Power the Average Home

When you think of solar power, there’s a high chance that you immediately think of the panels that many have on their homes. However, that isn’t where solar power ends. These panels are often used on satellites, scientists want to use them on cars, and they want to get to a point where the opportunity for using the sun’s power is limitless. Well, a new concept on the market sees solar panels powering your house — but here’s the catch, they’re made from plastic bottles.

New Solar Powered Panels Made of Plastic Bottles Can Power the Average Home

Creating Something New

Over the past few decades, solar panel experts and enthusiasts have been working hard to create the next big breakthrough in their field. Platio Solar, a Budapest-based startup, is one of those teams and they believe that they have created something that will change the course of our everyday existence. That’s because they have created solar panel driveways made from recycled plastic bottles.

Solar in Urban Spaces

Platio Solar is a company that has spent the past five years thinking up ideas to incorporate solar panels within our urban lifestyles. The latest addition to their impressive developments includes the “Platio Solar Paver,” which is made from 400 PET bottles — they’ve come from recycling plants and households from across the globe. To create their driveway panels, Platio Solar compresses this plastic down into a durable piece of material that’s both sustainable and slip-resistant. What’s even more impressive is that it’s not just any old addition to your driveway as these pavers also allow you to generate electricity for your home.

New Solar Powered Panels Made of Plastic Bottles Can Power the Average Home

All About Consumption

According to Platio Solar, customers who add just a 215-square-foot section of paving panels to their driveway will be able to generate a year’s energy consumption — without having to pay any extra to heat your house or cook your food. That’s pretty impressive. We have a feeling that this solar-paneled driveway is going to be pretty popular.