Behind the Scenes: 4 Insights Into “The Monkees” TV Show


The Monkees TV show was one of the most popular pop culture phenomena in the 1960s and the likes of The Beatles, James Bond were some of the great names associated with it.

It ran weekly from 1966-68, turning its stars into superstars whose impact in history cannot be wiped out. Today, at the age of 78, musician and actor on the show, Micky Dolenz tells us some secrets about The Monkees which hardly anyone knows.

Lightning in a Bottle: The Unpredictable Alchemy


Reflecting on the TV show, Dolenz described it as “lightning in a bottle”, acknowledging the mystery of its profound connection with the audience. He emphasizes that the synergy of writing, songwriting, comedy, direction, and the chemistry among the four members contributed to the show’s charisma. Classic 20th-century entertainment!

Not Beatles Copycats: An Imaginary Band’s Journey

Dispelling the notion that The Monkees aimed to capitalize on The Beatles’ success, Dolenz clarifies that the show portrayed an imaginary band with dreams of emulating The Beatles, one of the greatest bands of all time.

The struggle for success depicted in the series resonated with aspiring musicians worldwide, fostering a connection with kids yearning for their shot at stardom. The Monkees, in essence, symbolized the universal pursuit of musical dreams.

Songwriting Mastery: The Monkees’ Unique Approach

Unlike the Fab Four, The Monkees largely depended on the talents of renowned songwriters such as Carole King, Neil Diamond, and Harry Nilsson.

Dolenz dismisses the criticism, expressing gratitude for the incredible contributions of these external songsmiths, underscoring the importance of their presence.

Entertainers First: The Monkees as Actors

Contrary to traditional bands, The Monkees were perceived more as actors than musicians. Dolenz clarifies that he embraced the role in a television show about a band, highlighting the fine but crucial distinction.


As the wacky drummer, he approached the role of an entertainer, actor, and singer. The show was a platform for multifaceted artistic expression, blurring the lines between reality and fiction.

80-Year-Old Man Defies All Odds by Completing the Grueling Ironman Championship

The World Applauds the 80-Year-Old Ironman

In a remarkable display of determination and endurance, 80-year-old George Hulse has accomplished an extraordinary feat by finishing the challenging Ironman Asia-Pacific event. With a total distance of 226km, the race consists of a 3.9km swim, a 180.2km bike ride, and a 42.2km marathon. Hulse’s remarkable achievement has left people in awe and admiration.

Swimming With Strength

Hulse kicked off the Ironman event with a 3.9km swim, completing it in an impressive time of one hour, 30 minutes, and 44 seconds. Despite the physical demands of the swim, he showcased his strength and determination right from the start.

Cycling Towards Victory

Following the swim, Hulse transitioned to the 180.2km bike ride, pedaling his way from Cairns to Port Douglas and back. With unwavering focus and resilience, he spent a remarkable seven hours, 47 minutes, and nine seconds on the bike, pushing himself to conquer the challenging terrain to his goal of completing the Ironman Asia-Pacific event.

A Marathon Finish

A Marathon Finish

After an 11-minute break to gather his breath, Hulse embarked on the final leg of the Ironman triathlon race, which is a grueling 42.2km marathon. Despite the accumulated fatigue and the mental and physical strain, 80-year-old Hulse showcased extraordinary stamina and perseverance, completing the marathon in six hours, 38 minutes, and 49 seconds. His triumphant finish was met with thunderous applause and admiration from spectators.

Awe-Inspiring Achievement

George Hulse’s remarkable feat in the coveted Ironman Championship has left people astonished and inspired. Applauded as a true legend, he has garnered immense respect and praise for his incredible determination, perseverance, and unwavering spirit. Many have called for him to receive the highest honors and recognition for his remarkable accomplishment. His extraordinary journey serves as a reminder that age is no barrier to pursuing dreams and pushing personal limits. His determination and resilience continue to inspire individuals of all ages to pursue their aspirations and never give up in the face of challenges.