Mark Harmon Leaves NCIS After 19 Years, but Says His Character Hasn’t Retired

Mark Harmon is ready to leave NCIS after 19 seasons in the CBS series. In the fourth episode of season 19, when his character Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs made the decision to remain in Alaska permanently after solving a case, the 70-year-old actor bid goodbye to the long-running police procedural show as a series regular. The show debuted in 2003 and even has four spin-offs.

The Goodbye

According to Mark Harmon, the biggest draw of the show for him was his character, and the drive to keep Gibbs fresh and challenging. He further adds that this character’s exit from the show was a plot-driven one, and he was absolutely okay with it. In his final episode of NCIS, Harmon tells his long-time partner, Agent Timothy McGee (played by Sean Murray) that he’s not coming back from Alaska. He also tells McGee that he couldn’t have asked for a better partner to work with. However, Gibbs’ fans need not be disappointed as Mark Harmon has hinted that Gibbs isn’t entirely retired.

Harmon Will Always Be a Part of NCIS

The executive producer of the show, Steve Binder, stated that Mark Harmon remains a very major part of the show even after his exit. Binder says that Harmon, who has been with the show since its inception, has always been true to his character. The show, itself, has also always stayed true to its character, a fact that’s been the driving force for the police drama. Not to mention, the stories they tell and the places their characters go have always been led by reality. Kelly Kahl, the president of CBS Entertainment, stated that Mark has always contributed to the show and will continue to do so. The audience will just have to wait and watch to see how his contribution and appearances on the show will change.

5 Service Dogs That Have Helped Save Their Owners’ Lives

Service dogs are vigorously trained to learn how to help people with different kinds of health conditions. The following dogs have been referred to as life-savers as they have helped their owners in life-threatening situations…

1. Orlando

Orlando - a guide dog
5 Service Dogs That Have Helped Save Their Owners’ Lives

Cecil Williams, a blind and then 60-year-old man, was riding the New York City subway where his guide dog, Orlando, was accompanying him. Williams fainted and started to tumble off of the platform when Orlando acted quickly to keep the man from falling down. However, Williams fell onto the tracks.

Orlando then jumped down onto the tracks to move Cecil out of harms ways since a train was approaching. While the train operator tried to stop in time, the train passed over them as Williams and Orlando both laid in the middle of the tracks. The two were unharmed except for a minor cut on Williams’ head.

2. Salty

Salty led his owner to rescue after 9/11
5 Service Dogs That Have Helped Save Their Owners’ Lives

A couple of guide dogs were able to help their owners during the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Salty, the yellow Labrador, was one of them. Just before the attack, Salty was with his owner — Omar Rivera — in Tower One on the 71st floor. After the explosion, Salty began to lead Omar through the smoke and fumes down the stairs and outside.

3. Figo

Figo saved his blind owner from a bus
5 Service Dogs That Have Helped Save Their Owners’ Lives

Audrey Stone is a blind owner of service dogs, one named Figo. One day he saw that a school bus was going to hit her so he ran at the bus and flung his body in the way in order to take the blow. However, the bus hit them both. They both survived with some injuries, but none of them were life-threatening. The police chief said the dog took most of the blow.

4. Yolanda

Yolanda kept her owner safe during a robbery
5 Service Dogs That Have Helped Save Their Owners’ Lives

Christina Colon has a Golden Retriever guide dog named Yolanda. In 2013, intruders tried to get into her home, but Yolando pulled Colon’s bedroom door closed in order to protect her and ran downstairs to confront the thieves. They got scared and ran away.

5. Nell

Nell saved its owner from choking
5 Service Dogs That Have Helped Save Their Owners’ Lives

Lesley Hailwood started choking on chocolate that she had eaten while at home, but no one was there to help her, except for one of her dogs. Nell, Hailwood’s guide dog, is a German Shephard-Golden Retriever mix. The dog was able to put his two front paws on Lesley Hailwood’s chest and dislodge the chocolate thus, saving her life.

Dogs Don’t Have to Be Trained to Help

Not all dogs have to be trained service dogs in order to help. Some react in times of need because of their natural instincts.