Watch Ken Burn’s ‘Baseball’ Documentary for Free on PBS

There hardly is an American out there whose heart doesn’t beat a little faster when there’s a baseball game on. Sadly, with the MLB season start delay due to the pandemic, many baseball fans are left sportless and in need of some healthy distraction. Fortunately for all America’s pastime lovers, director Ken Burns has come up with a solution. He has asked the PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) to stream his Baseball documentary for free. And they said yes!

Ken Burns’ Gesture to Baseball Fans

Ken Burns watching a baseball game
Watch Ken Burn’s ‘Baseball’ Documentary for Free on PBS

Since no one is out on a field or a court playing a sport that the public loves, Ken decided there is still a way to make sports fans happy. The pandemic shut down the NBA, the XFL, the NHL, the Major League Soccer, and Major League Baseball among other events, so streaming a documentary dedicated to one of America’s most beloved sports seemed like a good way to brighten up the mood.

Where You Can Find the Documentary

For those interested in watching Burns’ documentary, you can find it on the public broadcaster’s website, as well as on their online streaming platforms. There are also many ways to get a free trial from Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other popular streaming service providers where you can get your hands on baseball and other sports content.

Baseball legend Jackie Robinson playing on the field; archive image
Watch Ken Burn’s ‘Baseball’ Documentary for Free on PBS

Why Watch Baseball

In his documentary, Ken Burns dives into America’s pastime sport, chronicling the signature events, people, and places that have made baseball such an essential part of American culture. It includes the heroes and the tales that made people fall in love with this great sport. Starting from Charles Hercules Ebbets in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn in the early 20th century, all the way to the life lessons, tragedies, and classic confrontations that still ring true in the present day.