Dwayne Johnson to Star in a New HBO Wrestling Show

Dwayne Johnson is no stranger to the movie and TV screen. Now, he’s getting back in the ring on HBO alongside some other stars. Johnson is a WWE legend and a former star on the series Ballers. He will now executive produce a new series about backyard wrestling. Dany Garcia along with Issa Rae — the creator of Insecure — will also be a part of the crew.

Dwayne Johnson to Star in a New HBO Wrestling Show

The New HBO Wrestling Show

The upcoming series is called Tre Cnt (a.k.a. Tre Count). It centers around Cassius Jones and The Tre, a struggling professional wrestler that lives in Houston’s Third Ward. The series will follow the family, their neighbors, and Cassius Jones’ friends who put all of their dreams, resources, and talents together in order to build a unique and hip-hop-focused backyard-wrestling empire from the ground up.

Cassius uses his grandfather’s life insurance money that he inherited, along with the deed to a shotgun house, in order to help him start his American dream.

Another executive producer and writer for the series is going to be Mohamad El Masri from HBO’s Here and Now. The showrunner will be Judah Miller from American Dad. Dany Garcias and Issa Rae Productions will also be alongside Dwayne Johnson to executively produce the series.

Other Projects Featuring Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson to Star in a New HBO Wrestling Show

Johnson is also working on Young Rock, a comedy that is in the works for NBC. It’s a show inspired by Dwayne Johnson’s life that will look back at some of Johnson’s formative years. Naturally, the legendary star is going to appear in every episode.

Tre Cent is just one of the many upcoming projects for HBO. The network is working on a limited series about Jeffrey Epstein as well as an L.A. Lakers drama that includes Adam McKay and Max Borenstein.