20+ of the Shortest Women in Hollywood

This article appeared in futurelad.com and has been published here with permission.
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Height doesn’t define a man… or a woman in this case! Hollywood is full of tall, modelesque people, but that’s not all there is. These short women have cooked up a storm in the industry and made their indelible mark with their work. Here are some of the shortest women in Hollywood whose confidence and career are much higher than their height.

Nicole Richie //5’1″

Nicole Richie might have starred in a show called The Simple Life with fellow socialite Paris Hilton, but her life is anything but simple. The fashion designer stood below her companion – her height was only 5’1″ compared to Hilton’s 5’8″.

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Now, the short actress is married, has a successful fashion line, book deals, and a role in the sitcom Great News. Who says your height has to be the only way to stand tall?

Anna Kendrick //5’2″

Anna Kendrick’s role as the annoying Jessica Stanley in the Twilight series put her in the spotlight. Still, her stint as the Barden Bellas and her “Cup Song” in Pitch Perfect propelled her into Hollywood celebrity status.

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Since then, the actress has been on a constant roller coaster, appearing in movies and TV shows. But the surprising fact is that even though she’s reached so high in her career, she only measures about 5’2″ in reality.

Emilia Clarke //5’2″

This actress has proven that height is only a number! After all, this 5’2″ shorty has played one of the most formidable female characters on television – the Mother of Dragons.

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The Game of Thrones actress achieved global fame with her role as Daenerys Targaryen and has only risen higher since then, even without her dragons. She’s since then decided to make her love stories a little more tame and acted in films like Me Before You and Last Christmas.

Ariana Grande // 5’1”

Ariana Grande might have one of Hollywood’s highest pitches and ponytails, but the same can’t be said for her height. The 5’1″ singer’s high heels on the red carpet, and her outstanding performances on stage make her seem much taller, both in stature and talent.

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The “7 Rings” singer is a favorite of many fans, with her music videos having over nine billion views!