40+ Passive-Aggressive Notes People Must Have Had Felt So Satisfied After Writing

Never Above 70

Heating up a room costs a lot of money. So some people like to keep a thermostat beneath anything even remotely resembling a warm temperature. But if other people have access to that thermostat, they may turn it to a temperature you don’t like.

Never Above 70

If you can’t find any other way to stop them and you don’t like confronting them to their face, just write them a note that makes your stance clear, right? Maybe remind them to wear a sweater from time to time, if you think it will help.

Verbal Battleground

When it comes to note-to-note combat, the exchange is usually only one note answering another one. But when a topic is very hotly debated, there may be far more notes involved. These individuals, however many there may be, are arguing about coffee.

Verbal Battleground

It’s a very important subject to debate, wouldn’t you say? However you feel about coffee, it’s almost guaranteed that someone disagrees with you. But at least they decided to have the fight in a civil, note-related manner. It could have been worse.

Do It Yourself Mom

Lots of parents make their kids do things they don’t want to do. Usually, the kids complain about it to their faces, because why stay silent about something like that? But some kids decide that a note would be better.

Do It Yourself Mom

Well, chances are this wasn’t a note they were giving to their parents: probably something they were forced to write at school or something. Either way, it fits into the mold of passive-aggressive notes that someone writes that made them happy.

Please Claim This

Lots of people like cats. But a lot of other people don’t. Or sometimes, they just don’t like certain cats. This individual wrote a note of sorts that shows just how they feel about some person’s lost cat and the effect it is having on them.

Please Claim This

Well, not all cats are well-behaved, so we get someone being a little upset about having a stranger’s cat intruding on their home and their lives. That said, this kind of poster is something we’ll count as a note.

At Least Steal Properly

Sometimes, you aren’t even that mad about something. So when you leave a note, you don’t accuse someone, you just give them more advice on how to do their crimes a little better. These types of notes are actually the most amusing.

At Least Steal Properly

Not to mention, these notes are kind of informative. We’ve actually learned quite a bit about rhubarb here, though we’re not sure what we would do with that information regardless.

Read the Label

Are people just not getting the message when you tell them that the food in the fridge belongs to you? Is one note not enough to get their attention? Well, you can always leave a whole bunch of notes if you really have to. Just cover the whole refrigerator!

Read the Label

That way, no one has any excuse to eat your food. Especially not Debbie, that little thief. Can’t she read? How much more obvious do you need things to be, Debbie?!

A Little Judgmental

OK, not everyone is very nice. And while some notes may be pretty funny, we have to admit that this one is a little judgmental and critical. We know some hipsters can be annoying, but not all of them. Some hipsters are just cool people.

A Little Judgmental

But maybe the sign is just all in good fun. If not, it’s a little offensive, but chances are most of the hipsters reading it probably don’t care that much about it. They tend to be pretty swell.

Don’t Cut My Hair

Some people are very fond of their hair. But when they are still kids, they don’t really get a lot of autonomy regarding how their hair is kept. Usually, parents get to choose that kind of thing. But that doesn’t mean a kid can’t be unhappy.

Don’t Cut My Hair

If they really want to express their discomfort, they write a note. And then, they add some nice little doodles to that note so that it is truly clear how upset they are. How could anyone deny a little girl that?

Only Two Options

Here we are again with another note involved in the refrigerator. Apparently, people stealing food is a pretty serious problem, which is why we can encounter so many examples like this one. Sure, there’s only two notes this time, but still.

Only Two Options

Will people ever learn to only eat their own food? Maybe people need to start actually locking their food somehow. Padlocks on Tupperware, anyone? That’s not too silly, is it?

Easy to Read

Graphs are nice because they readily explain things without much trouble. It can be used to explain to people what they should and shouldn’t do, especially if you have to use a note instead of having a conversation. Nice and easy!

Easy to Read

We just can’t get over the fact that someone got tilted enough to draw out this whole graph, after which they went to go and put it in a bathroom. People must have really been ticking them off. Well, the problem at hand was kind of gross.

The Checklist

Tired of being asked the same questions all the time? Well, that’s easy enough to take care of: just write out a nice little note that answers all of those frequently asked questions. A quick FAQ, and all of your problems are solved.

The Checklist

It saves you a bunch of headaches, and everyone gets the information that they want. Everyone wins. More importantly, your patience gets to survive, which is the most important thing of all.

Thanks, Tiffany

If fish had fingers, they would write things like this regarding people that don’t take proper care of them. In this case, someone else wrote this note on the fish’s behalf. Fish need to be fed in a timely manner, you know! At least Tiffany took care of it.

Thanks, Tiffany

Still, hopefully, the note’s recipient learns their lesson and actually takes care of the fish from now on. Fish lives matter too! Keep those poor things fed!

Marking Your Spot

Living in a snowy, frozen area means you have to deal with the reality of snowed in parking spaces. Often times, you’ll have to dig out a spot to park your car. And if someone takes that hard-earned spot? Well, obviously no one is going to be happy about that.

Marking Your Spot

If you can’t find the time to confront them, you can just leave a strongly worded letter, letting them know how hard you had to work to secure that parking space, and also how inconsiderate they are. Works every time.

Highly Valuable Heirlooms

Lots of people leave notes in a fridge for people to read. Usually, people who are eating food that isn’t theirs. However, it’s hard to get people to actually listen to those notes. Maybe all you have to do is make the note more interesting somehow.

Highly Valuable Heirlooms

Making something interesting up about the food in question might actually do the trick. Label your eggs as family heirlooms or something. That’s sure to get the attention of whoever is eating your food, though they may eat your food regardless.

We Have Standards Here

Using notes to respond to notes is something that doesn’t happen too often. But when it does happen, it can be pretty funny. This is one such situation, where someone felt a little miffed about some low standards going on in their workplace.

We Have Standards Here

They are a Fortune 500 company, after all. Comic Sans is beneath them! At least, someone in charge believes it is. We don’t necessarily disagree, though that might be because we don’t like Comic Sans in general. Is that biased?

Attention to Details

If you are going to write a note, you should at least make sure that note is written with the highest level of language arts. Otherwise, people might call you out on it, much like they do on the internet. Some people are just sticklers for details.

Attention to Details

Besides, the idea behind a passive-aggressive note is to make yourself feel better, so having someone correct you for all to see isn’t very conducive to that, is it? Good grammar and spelling goes a long way towards one’s confidence! And dignity.

Do It For Me

If you have roommates, you may choose to talk to them via notes, rather than any other option. Maybe you just don’t like talking to them, which is pretty fair. So leave a note for them in the spot that they bother you. Usually, they see it.

Do It For Me

Of course, how they react to it is another matter entirely, isn’t it? Most people don’t actually take notes too seriously, and if they were considerate enough to not do the annoying thing at all, then chances are a note wouldn’t be needed anyway.

Thinly Veiled Shout Out

This is an interesting thing to call a ‘note,’ but we’re going to include it anyway. After all, it is a bit of written text being used to call out someone in a passive-aggressive manner. This time, it’s a Wi-Fi password, which is something that is often jacked by other people.

Thinly Veiled Shout Out

Lots of people change the name of their Wi-Fi password in order to send a thinly veiled message at the people trying to steal it. This is just one such example of exactly that kind of thing. The creativity is always impressive.

You’re Welcome

Those in the service industry can rarely say the things that are really on their mind. Notes are a way to get their ideas across without incriminating themselves. It’s also a great way to be somewhat passive-aggressive with the customers.

You’re Welcome

This note about areas that people can’t smoke in is a clear example of a service worker feeling the need to be little aggressive with their customers. But hey, we can’t really blame them: it’s tough working in the service industry!

Tell Me How You Really Feel

Family is generally supposed to send you cards that accurately represent how they feel about you. Well, most cards are worded pretty well and say pretty nice things. And sometimes, that’s not how your family feels about you. When that happens, they may edit a card to get their real feelings across.

Tell Me How You Really Feel

Well, at least there’s no way to misinterpret how they feel about you in this case, right? Isn’t it better to know for certain, even if the things you know aren’t very kind? Knowledge is power, and also a great way to know who your friends are.

A Big Difference

When most people hear the word buffet, they automatically assume that it means an all-you-can-eat buffet is in the cards. However, this is not always the case. In fact, there are many buffets that do not allow you to eat everything you want.

A Big Difference

Having to tell every single person in the restaurant such a thing would be tiresome, so writing down a note to explain everything more easily (and with a degree of passive aggression) is probably the most efficient option.

Mind Your Business

Working in a cubicle with other employees nearby? Usually, they are willing to tell you if they think something is wrong with your work. However, if they don’t like confrontation, they might just use a note to get their point across.

Mind Your Business

This way, they get to remain anonymous, which means they don’t have to fight with anyone. But at the same time, they get to say their piece against someone that they want to judge. Really though, can’t they mind their own business?

Calling You Out

At first, this note seems like one that wouldn’t be considered passive-aggressive. But it’s pretty obvious that they are calling out Jay Parker, whoever that is. Well, maybe he should have been eating his food like a normal person.

Calling You Out

Either way, a lot of effort went into this note. Someone had to think up a whole anagram, after all! Kudos to them for putting their anger and frustration to use in a creative way. Some people can’t do that.

Let’s Break Up

When you provide a note to your employers letting them know that you won’t be working for them any longer, you tend to show how much you did or didn’t like them. This note makes it very clear that this individual didn’t like the place they worked.

Let’s Break Up

The note itself is actually quite eloquent, even though it is very displeased and unhappy. That in and of itself makes it more interesting to read, at the very least. What a way to burn those bridges, indeed.

The Truth of It

Baggage handlers have a hard job. Well, all they do is carry around heavy things, but that in and of itself can be very demanding. That’s why they might make a ‘note’ like this one, expressing how they feel in ways they can’t say to people normally.

The Truth of It

That’s the point of passive-aggressive notes, right? They are great ways to say things that you can’t really say to people. It’s also a great way for people who aren’t very combative to get frustrating things off of their chest.

Some Helpful Advice

Most passive-aggressive notes refrain from being outright confrontational and present some sort of pretense that makes it sound like they are just trying to help. This is one such note. Well, we can’t really blame them in this instance.

Some Helpful Advice

People shouting at the top of their lungs late at night is pretty annoying, there’s no denying that. If you can’t identify who they are, leaving a note for them might be the only way to get your disgruntled feelings across.

Keep It Clean

Trying to protect an innocent child from the dangers of the world is harder than ever considering how easy it is to get information these days. But at the least, you should be able to avoid such things from your neighbors, right? A passive-aggressive note may help with that.

Keep It Clean

At the least, it might get your neighbors to be a little more mindful of their activities. On the other hand, they’re free to do whatever they want: but maybe they could do it a little quieter, no?

Thinking of You

Husbands and wives may be in love (sometimes), but that doesn’t mean they don’t have gripes against one another. Usually, it’s small things, like putting down the toilet seat or nagging. And of course, those small things usually result in small shots at each other.

Thinking of You

Sometimes, a small note is the better way to take those shots, because then they can be interpreted as cheeky instead of offensive. That’s the best way to make these little potshots without starting anything.

Alright, Wiseguy

The types of people who respond to passive-aggressive notes are usually the types of people that have a great deal of sarcasm and cheekiness on their side. This is an example of someone who clearly thinks of themselves as very funny.

Alright, Wiseguy

We have to say though, it’s pretty gross for them to have hunted down a fly just for this joke. Like, did they do the school project thing just to make this point? It’s more than a little unnerving to go to such lengths.

Pay It No Mind

When you are really loud, your neighbors might assume that something bad is happening. But maybe you’re just playing a video game online and all those internet strangers are successfully dunking on you all the time.

Pay It No Mind

That kind of situation usually ends up with a lot of yelling and whatnot, and if you need to clear that up, a note is something you an rely on if you have to. They tend to work decently, assuming they are actually read.

More Aggressive Than Most

People who have dogs should pick up the dog’s droppings, in order to keep grass clean for other people. But not all dog owners do that, even though they should. If you get annoyed by that kind of behavior, you can do what this individual did.

More Aggressive Than Most

Well, collecting all that dog poop yourself does seem pretty gross, actually. But there’s little doubt that it would get your point across quite easily. Also in a pretty gross manner, but across, at the least.

Learn to Conserve

Toilet paper isn’t cheap, you know? Well, it’s not terribly expensive, but either way, any money you don’t have to spend is money better spent. So if you have to share your toilet paper, you may feel the need to remind those you share with to conserve where you can.

Learn to Conserve

What better way to do that than to write notes directly on your toilet paper? There’s no way the person you share with could miss that, right? Of course, there is something to be said about how much marker is wasted.

Being Honest, At Least

If you hit someone’s car, you should leave them information about your insurance so that the damage can be fixed. But you know, not everyone wants to do that. Some people like to put up a front to make themselves appear responsible.

Being Honest, At Least

But at least they apologized, right? That makes it… a little better? Not much, but a little. They could have been entirely rude and unapologetic about it, which is a bit more irritating and unforgivable.

Very Rude and Frank

We actually struggle to call this note passive-aggressive, as it really just seems… aggressive. Actually, it’s pretty upfront about how displeased they are. They even introduce themselves as ‘disgusted.’ Can’t get much more judgmental than that.

Very Rude and Frank

So maybe it doesn’t fit perfectly, but we do feel that it’s close enough to be on this list, considering a variety of different things. Still, what an aggressive letter!

A Thousand Curses Upon You!

If you’re going to leave a note, you may as well make it a very interesting note to read, right? This one pretty much tops the list in regards to being unique and fun to read. It’s also very passive-aggressive and quite eloquent.

A Thousand Curses Upon You!

That’s a long list of curses. Next up, a hex of some sort? Do you really have to wish all this bad stuff on them for some dirty dishes? Well, we do know how annoying it can be when people don’t clean up after themselves.

A Two-Fer

OK, so we’re cheating a little bit with this one, as it is obviously tied to the note that came before. But it’s just so amusing that we have to include it no matter what. Besides, it is technically a different note, so it’s fair game!

A Two-Fer

At this point, maybe we’re willing to admit that leaving your dishes in the sink is pretty rough, especially when it gets in the way of another person’s cooking and cleaning. Take care of your mess or be cursed in such a fashion!

That’s Just Rude

This note really reminds us of those moms or grandmas that always have bad things to say, but in subtle, not so obvious ways. You know, the way where you know they are insulting you, but you can’t call them out on it because it wasn’t direct.

That’s Just Rude

We’re not sure why this note was written, but it is definitely pretty rude. Downright offensive, really. Needless to say, we don’t condone this type of thing.

Answering the Call

Answering a note that was left to accuse you with a degree of anger is pretty understandable. That said, we’re not sure if the person should be labeled as self-righteous. After all, slamming doors at the wrong time of the day or night is pretty rude.

Answering the Call

Not that we can say who does and doesn’t deserve to be criticized. Either way, it’s pretty clear that the people who wrote these passive-aggressive notes are cut from the same cloth.

Get an Ashtray

The best passive-aggressive notes are the ones that aren’t written on paper. They are especially good if they use special materials that prove their point to get that point across. Just take a look at what we mean. It’s very clever.

Get an Ashtray

After all, there is a good point here. With all of that ash on the ground, someone was able to spell out all these words in pretty large letters. That’s a lot of ash just being left around in the open.

Is That Plagiarized?

Alright, so this little speech is totally ripped off from a certain movie starring Liam Neeson. But hey, it’s a really good speech! Can’t blame anyone for using it in appropriate situations, right? And this is definitely an appropriate situation.

Is That Plagiarized?

After all, decaf in the regular coffee pot? Now that’s just heinous. This speech is perfectly fitting for a criminal of that degree. We can all agree on that, right?

Dinner Again

There are a lot of chores to be split up when you live in a house full of people. It’s always best to share these responsibilities. Otherwise, you might wind up finding a rude note like this in your meal.

Dinner Again

Clearly, this person is tired of making dinner and wants a little break. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have taken the time to engrave the top of this shepherd’s pie.

Pick it Up

When you’re a dog owner, one of the tasks you have to do on a daily basis is take them for a walk. This allows them to get exercise as well as to go to the bathroom. But, most cities require you to pick up the poop when you’re — and understandably so!

Pick it Up

Apparently, this woman doesn’t do that and this person, wanting to get the message across, decided to leave this passive-aggressive note for all to see.

Keep it Clean

It’s always nice when your apartment complex has a laundry room included. This allows you to make sure you can keep your clothes extra clean but, apparently, this laundry room has one issue.

Keep it Clean

Maybe this person walked in on a nude individual doing their laundry, and that’s how this note came about. The only question we have is — why is this person doing their laundry with their clothes off?

Figure it Out

When you live in an apartment complex, you can often hear whatever is happening in the apartments near you. If the walls are thin enough, sometimes you can even hear them above and below you.

Figure it Out

Tired of all the screaming and yelling, this person decided to leave a note for one of their neighbors, giving them a little bit of friendly — or passive-aggressive — advice.


Some people just really get into music and will sing along with their favorite songs. They may not necessarily think they have the best voice, but they definitely feel the groove, and they just have to let the music out.


This person felt that they needed to be a critic and leave this rude note on their neighbor’s front door. They didn’t even dare to sign their real name!

A Little WD40

The noise from other people’s apartments is annoying at any time of the day. But, it’s especially bothersome when it comes to late-night hours, as that’s the time you’re trying to get a little shut-eye.

A Little WD40

This neighbor was just trying to kindly give the guy advice and was extremely supportive in doing so. In fact, she even admitted that she was impressed by her neighbor’s stamina. Still, some WD40 will do the whole apartment building some good…

Progress Report

Sometimes, the notes that are left can be adorable but still a little rude. This kid decided it was time for his mom to understand what it felt like to have to deal with grades. So, she crafted this very adorable report card for her.

Progress Report

It seems that she does a good job in almost everything except for cooking dinner — that’s just not applicable. From the sounds of it, mama bear doesn’t cook dinner as much as her daughter would like. Or perhaps the dishes just aren’t that yummy?

Let Me Show You

When you’re working in an office building or an establishment where everybody shares the bathroom, certain etiquette needs to be maintained. One of those is to make sure that you don’t drip on the toilet seats.

Let Me Show You

This person thought that they would just leave a nice note giving a little bit of an instructional diagram on what that looks like. Seems fair to us!

Public Restroom

There are a lot of things that happen in public restrooms that nobody wants to talk about. But, if it’s a restroom that’s attached to an office or business, there should be certain care taken when utilizing it.

Public Restroom

For instance, you shouldn’t be blowing up the toilet at work without having with you some sort of deodorant to make the room smell good again. That’s just common courtesy!

Next Time

Many cities allow people to drop trash on the side of the curbside to be picked up by the garbagemen on certain days. But, some people take advantage of that and just leave their stuff lying around at all times of the week.

Next Time

This person wanted to make sure that the culprit was aware that they knew the rules and were willing to help him out this one time.


After a long hard day, sometimes all you want is that 15-minute break where you can grab yourself a candy bar or a bag of chips and relax. You don’t need anything else stressing you out.


But, it can be frustrating when the machine decides to take your money and not give you what you want. So, this person decided to leave a note for the guy who fills the vending machine to let them know their feelings on this situation.

Repeat Offender

After experiencing a certain thing over and over again, sometimes people just get tired and frustrated. This person took a creative method to solve the problem, though. They left the culprit this sweet, little note.

Repeat Offender

They even included picture diagrams, so the offender can really understand why others are so frustrated with them. Still, we’re not sure that leaving it on the cup of tea was the best idea.

Explaining it for You

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you will get sick when you’re at work. This can be embarrassing and leave you in situations that people talk about over and over again. When this happens, there may be times that you can’t quite make it to where you need to go.

Explaining it for You

So, while we understand where this person is coming from, it’s also a good opportunity for them to show a little compassion rather than posting a passive-aggressive note about the situation.

We See You

Most places of work have some sort of video surveillance in them. This means that you cannot get away with much of anything, and this person’s note proves it. It seems that somebody has been leaving trash and food in the sink for others to pick up.

We See You

At least this person didn’t really call them out the first time through, but there’s clearly a chance that the culprit’s identity could eventually come out.

Just a Little Suggestion

We can definitely understand the frustration that comes when having to clean up after other people — especially when it’s not really that difficult to rinse off a dish and put it in the sink.

Just a Little Suggestion

But, this person took their frustration out in a whole different way with this unique and quite artistic note. It was a little passive-aggressive and rude, but it still gets the point across.

Dating Food

A lot of organizational skills and guidelines can be put in place to make sure everything stays fresh and clean. One of these most often used is the dating of food within the refrigerator.

Dating Food

This person, though, felt some sort of way and wanted to be a little passive-aggressive as well as sarcastic when it came to the note left on the fridge. Nonetheless, it’s kind of humorous, we have to admit!

Little Pun

Many office jobs are required to utilize copiers or printers on a daily basis. Sometimes, those machines aren’t necessarily the newest and have quite a few glitches. This person took offense to that and felt they needed to leave a note for everyone.

Little Pun

They may have thought utilizing a little bit of humor would cushion the blow of the truth bombs that came out of this note. But, they also didn’t leave it signed, so this is kind of a rude and passive-aggressive way of handling a situation.

Enter Slowly

Some jobs require a lot of quiet and patience for the workers to concentrate on what they’re doing. Programming is definitely one of those. But, the other people in this office building decided to have a little fun with these focused programmers.

Enter Slowly

Even still, if you want to make sure that people enter a room quietly, maybe just ask them to please enter quietly next time.


So, you know you work in a place with a bunch of sarcastic people when you put up a simple note like this, and this is what happens. The notice is simple and not altogether rude, but even still, it seems to be a little condescending.


However, the people that responded to the note aren’t helping the situation either. Maybe this is something they should bring up at the next office meeting. We probably would have reacted the same way to this note.

Leave My Stuff Alone

Sometimes, it’s nice to have your own personal things at work. Many places have little break rooms, so having your own coffee mug can be a nice touch and take you outside your stressful job for a few seconds.

Leave My Stuff Alone

But, you also open yourself up to people touching your things. This person just wanted to leave a note to keep people from doing that, and her sarcastic workmates had to retaliate.

Seems Aggressive

Like with everything else, there are people that get super attached to certain things at their desks. For some, it’s a paperweight, and for others, it’s a coffee mug. For this person, apparently, it’s a pen.

Seems Aggressive

We kind of understand because it seems that pens always disappear. But, threatening to take someone’s soul seems a little bit of a steep price for someone that just walked off with some ink.

Follow the Trail

It’s always nice when you’re going to be out of the office to leave a note so that people coming to see you know that you’re not there. This guy did that, but unfortunately, the rest of his teammates wanted to be a little childish.

Follow the Trail

So, they kept the note going almost like it was a treasure hunt. We would have loved to see the look on this guy’s face when he returned to his office. We bet he got a little bit of a chuckle!

Life Lessons

Sometimes, when office buildings are remodeled, they move stuff around. To understand that things are going to be continually moving, there are notes left behind — like this one that says the “printer is here temporarily.”

Life Lessons

Of course, someone in a passive-aggressive way went a little philosophical and left a sticky note behind. Though they do have a point, it seems a little too much for this type of atmosphere.

Holding it Hostage

In response to someone who’s super possessive of their pens, this person adopted a new way of returning the pen. Of course, it’s humorous, but it seems a little bit childish as well.

Holding it Hostage

They know it’s messed up because they even say in the note not to notify HR or management. So, if that’s how they felt, why would they even take the risk of leaving this note behind?

Point Taken

For those living in a house with more than one person or working in a place that has a kitchen for the staff, it can be pretty annoying to walk in and find dishes in the sink. No one wants to be the person who continually has to clean up after other people.

Point Taken

So, this individual decided to be a little artistic when they left their note behind. This is actually quite clever and a little humorous — though we’re sure the people that were leaving the dishes didn’t find it quite so funny. We hope the note drove the point home, though!

Do As I Say!

It’s one thing to create a new system in an office and leave notes behind with instructions. If you’re going to do this, though, you need to make sure that the note is not contradictory to something that’s occurring in this situation.

Do As I Say!

This person left this note, and the rest of the staff wanted to make sure they understood that someone was being a little hypocritical in laying out the new rules. After all, the note was secured on the wall using thumbtacks.

Starting Fresh

Sometimes, it’s fun to add a bit of humor to the work environment. So, having fun little notes up on the walls and everything can actually inspire a little bit of pride and help build staff relations.

Starting Fresh

But, when you leave a note like this, you’re kind of opening yourself up for a lot of sarcasm and semi-rude messages. Take, for instance, this one — which we think is pretty darn witty!

What Is Your Name?

So, when you bring food or beverages to work and place them in the refrigerator, you’re often concerned as to whether or not your coworkers will take your stuff. That’s why the original Dave here left his green tea in the fridge along with a note written on masking tape.

What Is Your Name?

Unfortunately, his name is pretty common and so, it may not have been the solution he was really looking for. The other Dave left a priceless note behind, and though some may find it rude, we definitely find it funny.

Good Idea

When you work in small companies, sometimes, it’s not as easy to replace broken equipment as it is in a larger company. So, oftentimes, you have to deal with broken printers and other technology until new ones can be found or purchased.

Good Idea

So, this person was just trying to save a little bit of life with this busted printer. Though the message is a little short and possibly a bit rude, it still gets the point across.

Learning the Hard Way

Whenever you think something is being kept a secret, you’re probably wrong. Someone always seems to know, no matter how hard you try to hide it. If they never reveal it, that’s all well and good. But if they leave a note to let you know…

Learning the Hard Way

Well, you’re fine, depending on who reads it. But we assume that this note was probably seen by people that would be very judgmental about it. There were probably some very unhappy kids in this situation.

Give Me The Money

Even kids have to write somewhat passive-aggressive notes at some point. Thing is, they may write it to an odd recipient. This kid felt that the tooth fairy was taking a little too long to get their money to them, so they wrote a letter.

Give Me The Money

It’s not quite as friendly as letters that are written to Santa Claus, is it? Well, at least the kid was slightly apologetic about it. We may never know if the tooth fairy stepped up and did her job a little faster, but we hope so.

Tell It Like It Is

Usually, we don’t think of politicians as very honest, but there are a few who actually share certain views with us. By reading this note, you can see that we aren’t really alone when we think that the government isn’t focusing on the right priorities.

Tell It Like It Is

This guy was clearly of the mind that political priorities were not in the right place. Well, considering the content on display here, we can’t actually disagree.

Science It Up

If something is too hard to explain, you can always leave an informative note. A very informative note, in this case. Maybe this guy is a scientist or something, or maybe he’s just very well informed. Either way, we wonder how many people would actually read something this long.

Science It Up

If they did read it though, they would learn a thing or two about the way air conditioners work. A lot of really interesting information, actually. We ourselves consider ourselves enlightened after reading this note.

In So Many Words

Notes are generally supposed to be short and sweet, but that isn’t something that smart people care about. Or rather, people with degrees tend to explain themselves in more words: got to put all that money to work, right?

In So Many Words

But hey, sometimes these long-winded notes are actually a lot more interesting to read than a normal note, and if it is noticeable in such a manner, then people are more likely to pay attention to it, right? That makes it even better at its purpose.

45 Moments That Ended Up Being Funny by Accident, Ranked

Sometimes an image or situation occurs that, at the moment, may not be that humorous. However, when you take the whole image in, you’ll find the humor almost immediately. Perhaps the funniest thing about these moments is that they happened by accident, and we’ve ranked the best ones!

55. It Sure Will Be!

Neon signs are notorious for burning out and leaving some pretty funny little statements like the one for this chicken joint. Look, we all love a good chicken finger. Still, we don’t know about you guys but we aren’t too sure about a finger.

It Sure Will Be!

54. Hey, I’m Talking to You!

Sometimes on a long binge, your streaming service wants to make sure you’re still there. Maybe this is because they don’t want you to miss anything, or perhaps they’re a bit nosy. One thing is for sure — this particular moment in which the service paused is absolutely priceless.

Hey, I’m Talking to You!

After all, Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) is looking right at you and asking you that very important question. Are you there? While slightly creepy, we couldn’t help but laugh when we saw this accidental moment.

53. Too Much Pressure

The robots are going to take over the world, and then what are humans going to do? Perhaps Mr. Musk has watched The Terminator too much, but for some reason, he seems to think that robots are a threat to humanity.

Too Much Pressure

If a robot can drown itself, though, maybe we shouldn’t be so worried. After all, if something that’s supposed to be so smart walks into a fountain, we think we’ll be alright for a little while longer.

52. That Is Some Serious Dedication

We know that you have to catch them all, which is what this notification from Pokémon Go is trying to tell you. Plus, let’s be honest, getting your steps in is a lot more fun when you’re trying to capture that rare Pokémon.

That Is Some Serious Dedication

But, we also think that staying alive is important, as well. So, maybe wait to head out for your Pokémon adventure until that tornado passes. We’re sure they’ll still be there when it’s over.

51. Gary Pre & Post Vacation

You would think the folks at Amazon would have someone dedicated to searching for typos on their site. After all, they make plenty of money to do that. But clearly, that is not the case since they appear to be selling a pre-tanned Gary as well as a Gary all-natural.

Gary Pre & Post Vacation

We’re sure that it should read gray, but it makes it so much funnier when you look at the image and picture this guy with a Gary name tag.

50. Clifford Has Grown With His Audience

This is a big clutch for sure because there’s no way that Clifford can teach us about this and how to make friends. Also, Clifford has been around for decades, and we’re sure there are more than two seasons.

Clifford Has Grown With His Audience

Maybe — we don’t know. It seems that Clifford has gone through some things and wants to continue helping his friends out. But, the rating seems a little off. What do you think?

49. Seems Like an Odd Greeting!

Teaching proper etiquette is important, especially in certain cultures like Japan’s. This often means looking back at how their ancestors handled things. The culture is very much rooted in ancestral respect and historical context.

Seems Like an Odd Greeting!

With that being said, this seems like a strange thing to shout out, especially as a samurai. But, maybe they were talking about some new type of weapon, or perhaps the computer just had a hiccup, and it ended up creating an amusing sentence at the perfect moment!

48. Truer Words

When you order something fragile online, you knowingly take the risk of having your prized possession delivered to you in broken pieces. This is a tragic occurrence, especially when you were looking forward to it for the ‘seven to ten’ business days.

Truer Words

But, when you open your package, and this falls out you probably said the same thing that the cup was saying — oh no! How coincidentally funny is it that this piece just so happens to fall out for you to see first?

47. Truth in Advertising

When you stroll through the grocery store, you probably see crushed cans a lot. There are even those cans that, because they are crushed, get marked down. But, what do you do when the crushed can is actually funnily accurate enough in its marketing?

Truth in Advertising

You probably still get the same benefits, but you can also get a little chuckle that those crushed tomatoes are, in fact, crushed!

46. Holy Ogre!

The two advertisements apart are not humorous at all. Although Shrek is a pretty funny movie, a billboard just doesn’t have that kind of power. However, when placed like this, you can’t help but let out a little chuckle.

Holy Ogre!

It might be a little sacrilegious, but the fact that the sign for this church says He has risen with Shrek peeking over the edge of the building is priceless. Hopefully, the churchgoers are as entertained as we are.

45. This Can’t Be True

The climate is a concern that many people are studying on a daily basis. The fact that some scientists have decided that global warming was the fault of man may seem like a no-brainer for some. However, for the gentleman below, it looks like he has just found out.

This Can’t Be True

The placement of the unrelated image under the headline is perfect. However, we feel that maybe the layout editor should have caught just how funny the two together would look.

44. Look Out for That…

Okay, so not all these moments are coincidental. Take, for instance, this little priceless nugget. If the situation arises, then this is the perfect place to cut the title of this game off. We’re now slightly concerned that there’s a hedge in the kitchen, but it still could be pretty hilarious.

Look Out for That…

This could be a new sign that parents hold up when their little ones are playing outside. Kind of like a caution flag, but first you would have to get the kids to pay attention. Then again, if you’re able to do that, there would be no need for the sign.

43. Autumnal Problems

The two tweets really don’t have anything to do with each other — although having them appear on the feed consecutively makes the situation sound like the school had to evacuate everyone because of a pumpkin spice air freshener.

Autumnal Problems

We can see how that might be considered a hazmat situation, especially if it was fresh from the packaging. Some of those pumpkin spice scented things can get pretty strong. So, remember to open the windows!

42. You Are Welcome

The irony of this image is not lost on pretty much anyone. We certainly hope the drivers and anyone else involved are okay. The fact that this car crashed into the sign that was thanking them for driving safely is absolutely priceless.

You Are Welcome

Taking the photo, the photographer must have worked the angles to get the sign in the picture. If not, it was a lucky and pretty hilarious coincidence.

41. Freaky Friday

Sometimes in life, it’s the small things that strike us as humorous. For instance — the fact that nowadays, you leash your child but plop your four-legged friend in a stroller.

Freaky Friday

This dog is not only getting a ride in a baby stroller while the little girl tests the length of her leash, but it also looks like the pooch may even be wearing some makeup. Everything about this situation makes us cry from laughter.

40. Man, This Just Isn’t Right

This beach has a strict no dog policy. Why do you ask? Because they tend to make a big mess, and no one wants to have to deal with that. Ironically, it seems they’re not the ones that should be banned.

Man, This Just Isn’t Right

Who is the culprit? Well, we can only assume it’s the two-legged individuals who are this pooch’s best friends. That’s why this moment was not intended to be funny, but with a little irony, it sure turned that way — and quick.

39. Um, Not Cool!

Without being too political, it seems like this sign and the construction work going on don’t play well. The fact that the sign says ‘Danger: Keep Out’ in front of a museum focused on immigration could be taken in many ways.

Um, Not Cool!

We choose to look at this moment as being funny in a sad way. But still, maybe they should try moving the signs or just say something like ‘Danger: No Entry.’ Nope, that doesn’t sound any better.

38. Knock ’Em Down

When you set dominos up, they’re sure to fall down. In fact, many people build amazing art with their dominos. But, this is not quite what we were talking about. Nonetheless, the fact that the delivery bikes in front of this Domino’s have taken a little fall is pretty hilarious.

Knock ’Em Down

Still, while it may be funny for us, we’re sure that the delivery drivers won’t find this nearly as amusing.

37. How Ironic!

“Sea of Plastic” — that’s what this magazine title says. It looks to be about the waste that gathers in our oceans and its impact on our climate. So, when you get this magazine and it’s double wrapped in plastic, there’s a level of humor that can’t be overlooked.

How Ironic!

Perhaps the publishers of this magazine should reconsider their delivery method. Not only would it help with the sea of plastic, but it would be less ironic!

36. Be Careful What You Post

So, we’ve all heard that putting something out there on the internet lasts forever, right? And that we should be careful of what we say on the internet. This young lady is funnily seeing that in action right here in this Facebook post.

Be Careful What You Post

The fact that they show up back-to-back is even funnier. Clearly, this gal has changed her standards since the first post!

35. Clearly Doesn’t Work

This moment was probably pretty scary at first. After all, this means that your little furry buddy ingested something he shouldn’t have. Once the moment was over, though, and you could take stock of what happened, we’re sure that the humor of the moment didn’t escape you.

Clearly Doesn’t Work

The image says it all! The claims of this product don’t seem to hold water anymore. So laugh a little, and then it’s back to the drawing board on how to get the pooch to stop chewing up your things.

34. Message Not Received

Every parent loves to take pictures of their kid’s cool work. This moment of pride did not intend to be humorous, but it’s clearly comical when you really look. The fact that this child opted to turn in an unfinished piece isn’t the funny part in all of this.

Message Not Received

But, that the message was intended to be one of hope and encouragement to keep going is wildly hilarious — not the message itself but the fact that the kid decided to give up before finishing. That causes us to have a little smirk for sure.

33. I Got an Email

Do you remember back in the day when that Nigerian prince was sending all of those emails? Eventually, we all learned that it was a scam but not before the “Prince” took a ton of money from innocent people.

I Got an Email

The fact that this Twitter user posted this image along with a clever tweet is just about the funniest thing that many of us will see today. We’re not entirely sure if it’s 100% legit news, but it certainly makes us chuckle.

32. Ummmmm… Yeah!

Do as I say and not as I do? This is what we think of when we see that this woman has a huge sign instructing others not to text while driving, but she seems to feel that it doesn’t pertain to her.

Ummmmm… Yeah!

This was not intended to be comical, but unfortunately, when you think about it, it is a little humorous — especially since she doesn’t notice that she has been discovered as a hypocrite!

31. That Seems Judgey

So, this unfortunate placement of signs was not intended to relay this message. There’s no way someone wanted to tell you that your new life leads straight to a dead end. With a little dark humor, this is actually a really funny placement of signs.

That Seems Judgey

When the urban developer laid out this new neighborhood, we’re sure they just didn’t see how funny this would end up being. Or, maybe they did…

30. Wrong Place

In many cities across the country, more and more bicycle lanes are showing up. This is to make it safer. But, it only works if someone doesn’t block the lane, so what happened here?

Wrong Place

The road workers probably should have looked at what they were doing. Then maybe this moment wouldn’t have ended up being accidentally funny. Just a few feet to the left, and this probably wouldn’t have even gotten your attention.

29. Living on the Edge

How brazen is this wasp?! Not only did they set their home up in a place where humans will easily get to, but they did it in a chemical application device intended to end their life. That’s pretty adventurous on their part.

Living on the Edge

This moment probably was pretty scary, but when you step back and really look at the situation, there’s a certain humor to the whole circumstance.

28. My Dog Ate My Homework

When you were in school, how many times did you want to use that age-old excuse that the dog ate your homework? Surely the dog was in trouble when he got into the game box and did this.

My Dog Ate My Homework

But, we hope that his owner didn’t punish him too much. After all, we have this little furball to thank for a very humorous moment. The card he chose to chew up couldn’t have been more perfect.

27. Where There Is a Will

Fine! If you’re not going to feed me, then I am going to find something to eat. In fact, the best idea is to get rid of this sign. Maybe then, you’ll go back to feeding me.

Where There Is a Will

This is a very serious moment as most parks try not to let humans feed wildlife. This is one of those moments in which this woodchuck seems very serious to the point of humor.

26. Problem Solved

Someone found this parking job inappropriate, especially since the van is for a company that helps with parking solutions. If this is how they help solve the parking situations, maybe you should look somewhere else.

Problem Solved

We have all seen someone do this, and typically we get a little irritated. On the other hand, in this situation, there’s a certain hilarity to it that may not exist if this was any other vehicle.

25. Sound Advice

Sagging pants are fashionable for some. This guy seems to be one of those, and his lady has sent him out to get some diapers for the little one. It looks like this dude’s baby is in the midst of getting potty trained considering that he’s waiting in line with pull-ups.

Sound Advice

But, the combination of his look and his purchase makes for quite a comical situation. Many might say this is the universe trying to get a point across.

24. Seems a Little Wordy

The irony of the car telling its driver that taking their eyes off the road for a lengthy period of time can result in a crash is simply amusing. Not only that, but the car wants you to acknowledge that you understand the warning.

Seems a Little Wordy

We’re sure this message is intended to be answered when parked, but the car doesn’t seem to understand that. Oh, and you can choose your language. All of this means that your eyes will be off the road unless you have someone riding shotgun.

23. Spelling & Grammar

This is a foreign bookstore that’s trying to give its customers the ability to learn a new language. Unfortunately, they’re not sure how to spell what they are trying to get across. Perhaps they should have to use the book when they were making the labels.

Spelling & Grammar

This is not necessarily meant to be funny, but if you can read this label, then you may find it just a bit witty.

22. Life Imitates Art

On the way up the hill, this truck stalled a bit, which sucks for the driver — it probably isn’t a terribly funny situation for him. However, for us, we get this side-by-side ‘life imitating art’ situation. Take a look at that sign and tell us that this isn’t accidentally funny. We dare you!

Life Imitates Art

The only thing that’s different is the opposite color schemes, but other than that, it’s like the sign was created from this very image.

21. Faulty Promises

When you’re looking for something sturdy that’ll be able to handle whatever you throw at it, you might want to look someplace else. This table said that it was unbreakable, but there seems to be a little bit of fabrication to that statement.

Faulty Promises

Clearly, the person who spent their money and purchased this doesn’t find the situation very entertaining. But, there is a bit of humor if you’re looking at it from the outside in.

20. You Are Telling Us!

This news vehicle met the back of the truck rather hard. No accident is funny, and no one wants anyone harmed. However, when you read the subheading under the station symbol, we’re sure you can’t help but chuckle.

You Are Telling Us!

Live, local, and clearly — in this situation — there was some late-breaking. Let’s hope the boss understands when you have to tell them you totaled a company vehicle.

19. Perfect Outfit

There are just some things that you don’t do. You don’t steal. And you don’t cheat. On top of that, if you are caught doing both of those things, then don’t wear the object of your theft to your court case. This person clearly has a problem, and that’s not funny.

Perfect Outfit

However, the fact that she thought it was perfectly acceptable to come to court without at least removing the tags from the items she had stolen is pretty amusing, although slightly concerning.

18. Clearly, it Is

The sentiment is nice and one that everyone should take into thought at some point in their life. These philosophical stones are crafted with fun and inspirational sayings on them, but perhaps this one should have been left out.

Clearly, it Is

When choosing the sayings to use, we think someone was trying to be a little witty when they decided on this one. It worked because, the minute we saw it, we smiled a bit.

17. Confusion Express

So, which is it? This could get some people very confused and perhaps even a little angry. But for us, it is just a funny situation that we’re sure the creator of the sign didn’t think all the way through.

Confusion Express

After all, PayPal is a non-cash platform, so why would their bar be a cash-only affair. Something doesn’t sound right at all, does it? We’re sure they meant this to be serious, but we just can’t take it that way.

16. I Will When You Do

This seems like a funny license plate to pay for. Maybe they’ve had a lot of accidents in the past?

I Will When You Do

Accidents are not innately funny. In fact, they are often scary and concerning. But, when you look over and you see this plate, there’s no denying the humor.

15. Papa Was a Rolling Egg

He might not be as iconic as John Lennon or Bob Dylan. But Gregg Allman certainly developed a big following during his career as a musician.

Papa Was a Rolling Egg

A member of the Allman Brothers Man, Gregg was responsible for hits such as “Whipping Post” and “Melissa,” which could probably be heard on this album – No Stranger to the Dark: The Best of Gregg Allman. Yes, folks, this is not Best of Egg Man.

14. Eat Next Door

Sometimes, two stores can be positioned so close to each other and their marketing tactics could contradict one another. At the very least, one could be inadvertently sending potential customers to their competitors.

Eat Next Door

It seems that this is what happened when the vegan/vegetarian restaurant Fresh opened up next to Subway. Of course, Subway’s motto is “Eat Fresh,” so what are you supposed to do in this situation? Personally, we’d stick with Subway, but you never know.

13. Crash and Burn

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has produced some of the most addictive, violent, and fun video games of the last 20 years, depending on who you ask. It usually revolves around one character who has to complete missions and travel around the fictional cities.

Crash and Burn

But just like any other video game, Grand Theft Auto‘s games can crash after a while and if you don’t save your progress, you could lose a lot of it! This notification that came up along with the message from the actual game goes so perfectly well together.

12. The Ultimate Disguise

It is no secret that cats absolutely love hiding in cardboard boxes. There is something about the tight space that makes them feel safe and provides them with a buffer between them and the outside world.

The Ultimate Disguise

They feel even more secure when they can completely vanish while having a small hole to look out of, like this kitty. Little did they know that where their eyes were positioned perfectly fit the image of the woman on the actual box.

11. Netflix? More Like Netmix

Something’s are great by themselves, but when but together, create something terrible. Take the movies Logan and Paul, for example, which were both available on Netflix when this photo was taken.

Netflix? More Like Netmix

Anyone who has spent enough time on YouTube has probably come across the social media personality, Logan Paul. Known for his long catalog of video content and outspoken nature, these two movies forming his name when put next to each other is too good to be true.

10. Practice What You Preach

If you see a company that advertised themselves as The Sliding Door Company, you don’t have to spend too much time figuring out what they produce and sell. It seems like more and more institutions are installing sliding doors into their complexes and they can thank companies like this one for that facility.

Practice What You Preach

However, this person couldn’t get their head around the fact that the actual Sliding Door Company didn’t have sliding doors in its own entrance.

9. Kind of Defeats the Purpose, Doesn’t It?

Many people have strong beliefs about the damage we are doing to the world and write really profound essays and books about it. Take Martin Dorey, for example, who wrote the book No. More. Plastic., which lays out some interesting ideas of how we can live in a world without this non-degradable material.

Kind of Defeats the Purpose, Doesn’t It?

What was ironic though was this particular copy was delivered to someone and wrapped in plastic! Some people just have zero sensitivity to this kind of stuff!

8. Too Many Parts

We appreciate the sentiment that went into this poster. The point makes a lot of sense. In order for education to work properly, we need all people involved in the process to be involved, eager to participate, and helping each other.

Too Many Parts

These include teachers, students, and their parents. However, the following visual metaphor doesn’t quite work, as these cogs in the system aren’t going to be able to rotate properly. Find another metaphor and we might be able to get behind this.

7. Not So Good at Your Job, Are You?

People are justified to be skeptical about people who claim to be psychics. How can you be expected to actually believe that some stranger can read your mind, your palm, and do wild things like telling the future?

Not So Good at Your Job, Are You?

This guy delivery man who works for FedEx was delivering a package to the psychic. But when he turned up, he was surprised to see that she had to ask who was at the door. Surely she would already know!

6. Accurate

While Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are arguably the most famous heroes in the DC universe, The Flash doesn’t fall too far behind. Of course, his superpowers include being able to move at incredibly fast speeds, which often have devastating consequences.


So when this person was checking out information about The Flash TV show online, they chuckled when they saw what the status was of the series. The fact that it was displayed right next to the show’s poster of The Flash running also adds to the humor.

5. Like No Other, Except That One

So, there’s a huge market in fashion when it comes to graphics and inspirational messages. What’s more inspiring than letting everyone know that there’s no other like you? Although that’s a great message to send, when it’s repeated on multiple SKUs, it loses a little of its vigor.

Like No Other, Except That One

In fact, though the designer(s) doesn’t intend to make you laugh, there is a bit of ironic humor when you take note of the unoriginality on this entire rack.

4. Exactly!

You walk over to the vending machine with a mega craving for some chocolatey, peanutty goodness. You put your money in. Then, you type in E4 and wait patiently only to watch that candy bar get stuck before your eyes. What is more annoying than this?! Not much, really!


But, when you realize that the candy bar called it, the initial annoyance subsides because that tense moment has a little touch of sarcasm packed in. That definitely leads to a few chuckles.

3. We Do, Do You?

We think everyone spots something that needs to be fixed. This sign looks like it has seen better days. Probably a victim of a car backing up too fast, we can only assume the company that paid good money may not find this very humorous.

We Do, Do You?

For those of us who didn’t shell out our own money, though, there’s definitely a touch of ironic comedy in this whole situation.

2. Take That

When you absolutely need something to serve the North Korean leader, who is better than Serena Williams?! The headlines that came across the feed at CNN just so happened to create this hilarious action and reaction sentence.

Take That

If Serena could do that, though, it would be pretty boss. And we’re sure that some individuals over there wouldn’t be happy to learn that this tennis star was the one volleying a projectile back at them.

1. Politics at Its Finest

When it comes to politics, laws and agreements are always in flux. One of the biggest of these lately was the very controversial Brexit deal. But apparently, Mr. Johnson (the Prime Minister) had the plan.

Politics at Its Finest

He sat down and put together a little video to explain. However, it seems like the video doesn’t want to play, and the content is unavailable. Isn’t that always the way when it comes to any politician explaining their plans?