Floyd Mayweather Vs. Gotti III Exhibition Fight Ends in Chaos

The Two Fan Camps Engaged in a Massive Brawl

The much-anticipated exhibition fight between Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III, the grandson of the notorious John Gotti, took an unexpected turn, descending into a mass brawl. Mayweather retired from professional boxing in 2017 but has continued to participate in lucrative non-competitive fights against opponents like Deji and Logan Paul.

Pre-Fight Statements

During the initial press conference, 46-year-old Floyd Mayweather stated his intention to continue having fun and entertaining audiences until he decides it’s time to retire for good. He also challenged Gotti III, suggesting it was Gotti III’s responsibility to prove himself and convince Mayweather to leave the sport. In response, Gotti III, a 30-year-old MMA fighter, expressed his determination to explore new opportunities. He acknowledged his previous losses and the need to return to MMA after his last defeat.

The Fight and Unraveling Chaos

The Fight and Unraveling Chaos

The fight, held at the FLA Live Arena in Florida, started uneventfully, lacking the excitement and intensity anticipated by fans. However, controversy erupted in the sixth round when referee Kenny Bayliss controversially decided to stop the fight. This decision did not sit well with Gotti III, who defiantly continued to box. Mayweather’s team and fans swiftly reacted, swarming Gotti III in an attempt to regain control of the situation. The chaotic turn of events led to a massive brawl between the two camps, while Floyd Mayweather observed the unfolding chaos from a distance.

Aftermath and Social Media Reactions

Soon, authorities cleared the arena, but it was the post-fight antics that ended up being more entertaining than the fight itself. In a social media video, Floyd Mayweather proclaimed that the show he put on was worth the hefty price he commands. Gotti III also took to social media, expressing his discontent with the outcome. He even referred to Mayweather as his “enemy for life.” Gotti III disputed the disqualification ruling, claiming that Mayweather never truly brought him down or stopped him during the fight.