Giannis Antetokounmpo Leads Milwaukee Bucks to Their First N.B.A. Championship Title in 50 Years

The grueling NBA season has ended with an extraordinary sweet note after the Milwaukee Bucks won the championship title almost after half a century. The Bucks secured their remarkable rise by winning points in the finale against the Phoenix Suns.

The Game

On its home court, Bucks capped its second championship by defeating the opponent, scoring 105-98 in game 6 of the N.B.A. finals, finishing off the Suns by four games to two. Decades ago, the team bagged their 1st championship being led by the young goliath Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, then known as Lew Alcindor. This time the road to victory was not smooth, as the Suns gave a competitive game in the second half of the match. But, in the end, after almost 50 years long waiting, Bucks finally returned to glory by snatching the elusive championship.

The Hero of the Game

Much like Jabbar, this time Bucks secured the win once again led by a youngster with a unique skill-set. The 26 years old player from Greece, Giannis Antetokounmpo, popularly nicknamed ‘the Greek Freak’, was the central factor behind the team’s splendid success. Delivering one of the greatest performances in the history of NBA finals, Antetokounmpo scored 50 points by himself in the game with adding 14 rebounds, building the highest point of his playoff career. On the defensive end also, he was a force to reckon with, by blocking five shots attempted by the opponent team. At the end of the game, he was aptly named the most valuable player of the N.B.A. series. Before this series, Antetokounmpo had already established himself as one of the most treasured players in Bucks history, being the winner of the league’s Most Valuable Player Award two times. In his eight-season and first championship, this outstanding N.B.A. final performance has undoubtedly added another feather to his career cap.

Vet Spends Decade on California Coast Treating Homeless People’s Pets for Free

Whether you have had a dalliance with homelessness yourself, or whether you have seen homelessness on the streets near to your home, you may have realized that it’s not just humans who have no place to call home. Many homeless people also have pets by their side, and with no money for food, shelter, or medicine, many of them become extremely sick. Amazingly, this vet has spent the last decade treating homeless people’s pets on the Californian coast.

Vet Spends Decade on California Coast Treating Homeless People’s Pets for Free

The Vet In Question

The man behind this story is Dr. Kwane Stewart, who hails from Modesto, California. As a veterinarian, Stewart has always had a deep and unwavering love of animals, but he found his heart breaking back in 2011 when he realized that the recession had hit people hard. As well as seeing more people lose their homes and make their way to the street, he also realized that these same people were either euthanizing their animals or sending them to a shelter because they didn’t want their animals to be homeless as well. He knew he couldn’t let this happen.

Vet Spends Decade on California Coast Treating Homeless People’s Pets for Free

Treating the Pets

As he did his research, Stewart soon learned that around 25% of the homeless people in California own a pet. He didn’t want them to be shoved away or even sent to the vet to be euthanized, so he decided to take his supplies to a nearby soup kitchen and offered to help those in need. On that first day, he was able to treat 15 animals, and he could see the difference he had made. Because of this, he has continued to treat these animals for free on a regular basis, and he has helped countless animals around California.

This just goes to show that it really does pay to be kind. Just think of those animals who have been saved by one man and his desire to help out.