Researchers Achieve a Major Breakthrough in Data Transmission With a Single Chip

In today’s world, information is everything, and its transmission has become the lifeblood of humanity. Over the years, technological development has made it possible to transmit information faster and faster. The latest record speed of information transmission is too mind-boggling to comprehend, without comparing it to the whole internet. More interestingly, all of this has become possible for just a single optical chip and a single laser.

The New Speed

Researchers can now transmit 1.8 petabits/second using the laser and optical chip. one petabit equals one million gigabits. So that amount of information is equivalent to transmitting the global internet traffic twice. This result has set a new record and comes with a benefit too.

The Optical Chip

This incredible achievement in telecommunication technology is all down to the optical chip. It’s specially designed as a ‘frequency comb,’ which is a device with the ability to turn laser light into a rainbow of frequencies. Like the teeth of a comb, all the frequencies are equally spaced in the device. Each frequency can carry its own separate stream of data, which is then transmitted directly through fiber optics. Without this chip, it would take a whopping 1000 lasers to achieve the same mammoth amount of data transmission.

The Future Benefit

Victor Torres Company, professor at the Chalmers University of Technology, is leading the research group responsible for modeling and development of this optical chip. The chip makes it possible to use only one laser to move a huge amount of information, and also drastically reduces the needed energy in the process. This solution is useful to replace hundreds of thousands of lasers, mainly located at data centers and internet hubs worldwide. These lasers are guzzling power and generating heat constantly. With an efficiently less energy-consuming design, the optical chip provides an opportunity to achieve faster and energy-sufficient internet, which is capable of leaving a smaller climate footprint on the earth.

Alex Morgan Ruled Out for US WNT While Crystal Dunn Returns

For all the Alex Morgan fans, we’ve got bad news for you. If anyone was hoping to see Morgan come out at Wembley Stadium, be ready to be disappointed as she has been left out of the squad ahead of friendlies vs England and Spain. The US Women’s National Team Forward, Morgan, famously celebrated her world cup goal in 2019 against England.

The World Cup Team

Ahead of the practice matches for next year’s World Cup, Alex Morgan will stay out of the squad due to a knee injury. But, Crystal Dunn, who recently gave birth, and Alyssa Thompson, a 17-year-old forward, will be joining the team. According to Andonovski, these games hold a lot of importance and would be a big test for the team with the crowd supporting their opponents. The team selected for these games is a perfect balance of experience and fresh talent. Some of the players don’t have enough experience playing against such top teams. It’s very important for the team to have a clear understanding of their strengths and how to use them in such important games.

What to Expect at Wembley

These games have always been important for soccer fans. After all, it’s a chance for them to see their favorite players perform on the field. More than 80,000 fans are expected to be present at Wembley. The match in Pamplona will be a great deal for Spain after the recent quitting of 15 players of the team over management issues. So, it will be interesting to see how the Spanish team will deal with the pressure of the tournament now.

The Return

The USA has cruised over a number of outclassed foes and basically coasted through the Concacaf World Cup and Olympic qualification tournaments this past summer, but these are the kinds of tests that many have been longing for. Spain is placed seventh, while England is ranked fourth and just off the peak of its summer championship. Dunn’s return to the game is good news every fan must be waiting for. It’s impressive how fast she has recovered and is back on the field. She participated in training with the Americans during the September friendlies against Nigeria. But, at the same time, it’s said that fans will have to wait a while to see Morgan do her magic during games given her recent injury. If she had played these matches, then she would have crossed her 200-cap threshold, but it looks like she will have to wait until she’s ready.