A New Black Hole Has Been Discovered, and It’s Even Bigger Than the One Found Last Year

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Another year, another black hole. Remember in 2023, when scientists found the biggest black hole yet? Well, 2024 has the sequel, as they’ve now discovered a brand new black hole – and it’s even larger!

The Details

Just like in 2023, we have the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) to thank for this amazing discovery. This is now the earliest known black hole, it’s located 13 billion light-years away – in a galaxy called GN-z11 – and dates to 400 million years after the Big Bang. What’s surprising about this black hole is its large size.

The Experts Weigh In

Astrophysicist Roberto Maiolino explained scientists’ confusion by saying, “It’s not its age that is surprising, it is the fact that it is already so big so early in the universe, which is difficult to explain with standard theories.” Another astrophysicist, Priyamvada Natarajan echoed Maiolino’s sentiment by saying, “​​It’s just really early on in the universe to be such a behemoth.”

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For context, this black hole is roughly 1.6 million times as big as our sun. Hopefully, the scientific community can look into this discovery more as the year goes on.

Man Claims That All Men Tell the Same Lie, But Is it True?

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An Australian man named Jake Craig caused chaos on the internet when he claimed that all men tell the same lie in relationships “for attention.” Some men agree with Craig, while others claim that the influencer isn’t calling out a lie – he’s telling one. See for yourself what this man is asserting and whether or not you agree with him.

The Lie

Jake Craig said the following: “To all the ladies out there with a boyfriend who’s always saying, ‘I don’t want to get married.’ We say that for attention. We want you to say, ‘No, but I want to marry you so bad.’” And, with that, all the women around the world collectively gasped.

The Internet’s Response

The majority of the internet seems to back up Craig’s claim. One woman wrote, “Oh, well this explains why my ex got so mad after he said this to all his mates in front of me and I said ‘I don’t expect to marry you anyway.’” While another person joked, “Men want to be the princess so bad.”

Image by borjandreu on Freepik

That said, it seems that it’s not just men who do this. At least one female influencer says that she’s told the exact same lie to men. It looks like everyone’s just playing the game!