Tourist’s Have Been Banned From the World’s Tallest Tree

Sequoia sempervirens, also called the Coastal Redwood Hyperion, holds the prestigious designation of being the tallest tree in the world, as per the Guinness World Records. Earlier it was accessible to visitors and hikers so that they can enjoy the wonder, but that is no longer the situation… Now, any tourist or nature-enthusiast found near the tree will be fined $5,000, and can be behind the bars for the six next months.

The Reasons for the Ban

In 2006, the Hyperion was identified as the tallest tree in the world at 380 feet and estimated to be around 600 to 800 years old. Since then it has become a hotspot, drawing many visitors, particularly tree enthusiasts, from around the world. The way to the Hyperion is not that easy because of the dense vegetation. To reach it requires excessive bushwack. As a result, it has caused environmental destruction around the Hyperion. The National Park Services (NPS) of Colonia finally decided to put a stop to it. The Chief of Redwood National Park, Leonel Arguello, has stated that people were leaving trash all over the area, from throwing used toilet paper around to making new side trails.

Hyperion, a Hype

People thinking that hiking all the way to see the tree from the closest point would get them the best view will likely be disappointed, according to NPS. In reality, when viewed from below, the tree is not extremely spectacular, especially when compared to other enormous redwoods accessible from the paths. As opposed to many other old-growth redwood trees, the Hyperion’s trunk is short, and it is impossible to determine its height from the ground. Not to mention, finding the tallest tree is also pointless because it is doubtful that one tree will be the tallest for very long.