The World’s Oldest Man Is Happily Celebrating Another Birthday

Many people long to live forever, and while we know that’s not on the cards until technology catches up, there are many people in this world who have been able to live long and fruitful lives. In fact, anyone who lives over 100 years old is deemed to be an icon, and it seems as though everyone wants to know their secrets. What did they eat to live so long? What was their exercise regime? Did they do anything to specifically enhance their life? Well, the world’s oldest man has finally spoken out about his impressive age.

The World’s Oldest Man Is Happily Celebrating Another Birthday

The Man in Question

So, who is the man in question? Bob Weighton hails from East Yorkshire, United Kingdom, and he has since taken the crown as the oldest man in the world. An incredible feat, Bob celebrated his 112th birthday on March 29th, 2020. He was born in 1908, and he has since seen a strange and sometimes unusual world pass him by, but he has always been happy with the cards that he has been dealt over the years.

Going Through History

What’s so amazing about this man is the fact that he has seen so much and been able to experience so much of history. King Edward VII was the King when he was born, Selfridges department store wasn’t even a glint of an idea, and he has seen two devastating World Wars pass him by. Over the course of his life, the mechanical engineer traveled across the globe, enjoying everything it had to offer, and he is now the proud father of three children, ten grandchildren, and twenty-five great-grandchildren.

The World’s Oldest Man Is Happily Celebrating Another Birthday

His Secret

The secret to his longevity? There isn’t one. Bob has noted that “it’s not something I ever intended, wanted or worked for, but it’s just one of those facts of life… I’m just one of the lucky ones.”

Well, there you go. There is no secret.