The Story of the 50-Year-Long Bigfoot Prank

One Man Fools an Entire Town for Decades With Bigfoot Mystery

Pranks are usually harmless jokes or elaborate schemes and can be quite entertaining. Still, they rarely span half a century and captivate an entire town. Meet Eugene Hendrick, the mastermind behind a prank that convinced the community of Brantley, Alabama that Bigfoot was among them.

The Birth of a Prank

In the 1970s, Eugene Hendrick had a rather unusual idea when people in Brantley began spotting strange tracks near the river. According to Hendrick himself, “I cut some big ole feet and bolted some shoes to them and walked around by the river making tracks. I even made claw marks in the trees.”

The Birth of a Prank

This got the whole town talking, as people gradually started to believe in the presence of Bigfoot. It got so much attention that even the local police and their search dogs got involved to solve the mystery.

Decades of Mystery

As the years passed, Brantley’s Bigfoot legend only gained momentum. The stories circulated among the townsfolk, and the belief in the existence of this elusive creature deepened. But, Hendrick eventually opted to bring his elaborate prank to a halt.

Decades of Mystery

He stashed away the counterfeit feet, shrouding them in secrecy for several decades, crucially leaving the town’s mystery intact.

The Big Reveal

In 2017, the prank took an unexpected turn. Hunter Royal, owner of the Old Gin Greek County Store in Brantley, introduced the “Sasquatch Burger” to his menu, reigniting the town’s fascination with the elusive creature. Seeing the renewed interest, Eugene Hendrick felt it was finally time to unveil his 50-year prank.

The Big Reveal

He confessed to being the mastermind behind Brantley’s enduring decades-long Bigfoot mystery. While the prank officially came to an end, its legacy endures. The store now sells a range of Bigfoot-themed merchandise, and the town even acquired a colossal 3,500-pound concrete Sasquatch statue. Hendrick, an artist, put his skills to use by painting the statue, adding a unique touch to Brantley’s newest landmark.

England Win Against Germany Lands Them in the Euro 2020 Quarterfinals

England secured its place in the quarterfinals of the Euro 2020 in the last match with Germany, their long-standing rival, by scoring a 2-0 win in the second half. Since the World Cup in 1966, Germany had never lost a knockout match in an international competition to England. But Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling changed that with two late goals.

Both Teams Were More Afraid of Losing the Match

Germany had the upper hand until Sterling’s finish changed the score at the 75th minute. The head coach of England Gareth Southgate’s decision of getting Jack Grealish on the field in the second half helped alter the results of the game. He played a great role in making the goals for England happen.

Making it to the Quarterfinals

When there was a little over 20 minutes left in the game, both managers changed players. Grealish replaced the player Bukayo Saka and Timo Werner with Serge Gnabry. Shortly after this change, Sterling made the first goal. There were loud cheers at the stadium with the crowd starting to believe that England had a chance at winning. This thought was confirmed as Kane made the second win happen.

A Cacophony of Chants

The Wembly Stadium was packed with thousands of excited fans singing choruses and chants that would not have affected the tone-deaf. German fans in their white shirts were booed and their small numbers drowned out their voices by the English fans who were gathered in large numbers.

At the end of the match, the crowd chanted “It’s Coming Home” the adopted anthem of England. It echoed at the Wembley stadium. The English team took a lap of honor to absorb the crowd’s affection and adulation. It noise was deafening. And why wouldn’t they be loud? They have not witnessed such a win in a long time.

The Euro 2020 quarterfinals will be held at the Stadio Olimpico, in Rome.