Man Has 21 Pets After Taking in “Unadoptable” Animals

There’s a reason why so many people choose to fill their homes with animals. They become companions, they become your best friends, they become your confidants, and they become part of the family. It can be extremely hard for pet owners to cope with the loss of a pet, but for one man, the loss of his beloved dog inspired him to change the lives of other “unadoptable” animals. Now, his home is definitely a full house.

Man Has 21 Pets After Taking in “Unadoptable” Animals

Dealing With A Loss

Steve Greig hails from Denver, and while his day job revolves around accounts and numbers, his home life is a little different. His story started in 2013, when Steve’s beloved dog Wolfgang passed away. The accountant found it extremely hard to cope with the fact that his dog was nearing the end of his life, but he soon realized that tender, loving care and undivided attention made Wolfgang’s last few months as happy as they could possibly be.

Adopting Another Dog

Although Steve wanted to soothe his own broken heart after he lost Wolfgang, he also knew that he wanted to provide another old dog with wonderful end-of-life care. So, he adopted a dog that had been stuck in a shelter for years because of its old age, and then he adopted a few more after that. Before too long, he had adopted a whopping nine dogs – but he didn’t stop there.

Man Has 21 Pets After Taking in “Unadoptable” Animals

Adding To The Farm

Now, Steve has around 21 animals in his at-home farm. He has adopted many “unadoptable” animals, including the dogs, two rabbits, two cats, two chickens, two ducks, a pot-bellied pig, and a 50-pound turkey. He makes sure that he always has this amount of animals in his home, and he also makes sure that they are happy and healthy. When one passes away, he heads to the shelter to adopt another animal that has slipped through the adoption ranks.

How amazing is that?