Man Uses Hot Coffee to Rescue Three Kittens From a Frost Trap

Kendall Diwisch was just doing his routine checks on the Dayton Valley, Edmonton oil wells when he noticed something that looked like a trash pile on the snow. When he inspected it, he was shocked to find that a trio of small kittens had their tails frozen to the ground and were trapped to the sheet of ice. The Canadian oil worker then quickly used his leftover coffee to melt the ice and rescue the kittens.

Kendall Diwisch Stumbled Upon the Trapped Kittens During a Regular Oil Inspection

Kendall Diwisch pictured with the kittens he saved
Man Uses Hot Coffee to Rescue Three Kittens From a Frost Trap

Diwisch did not hesitate to sacrifice the hot cup of coffee that was waiting for him in his pickup truck and use it to melt the ice around the tails of the kittens. The coffee quickly did its job, and Diwisch managed to pull the felines free and rescue them from the trap. He had his phone and took photos and video of the kittens while the ice was melting. Kendall then posted the pictures and video on Facebook to try and find a family for the young kittens.

All Three Kittens Were Adopted in the Same Family

Three kittens in the snow
Man Uses Hot Coffee to Rescue Three Kittens From a Frost Trap

In the meantime, Kendall Diwisch fed them, gave them water, and found out they were healthy, friendly, and male. After publishing this on social media, the rescue video was watched over half a million times, and the kittens were quickly adopted. What was more important is that all the kittens were adopted by the same family and will get to grow up together instead of being separated.

Now, all three kittens are drinking and eating well and display great energy playing and exploring their surroundings. Diwisch was very grateful for the consideration and offers he got from the online and local community. The response was very extensive, and many people wanted to adopt the kittens, which allowed Kendall to choose the ideal new family for the felines. What started as a fortunate discovery of kittens in trouble became a beautiful story for people who care.