Melissa Klurman: Spending a Night With the Elephants

Melissa Klurman is a freelance travel writer, and during one of her most recent trips, she was able to get up close and personal with some elephants. She even slept in the middle of their sanctuary.

Only Feet Away from the Elephants

Anantara Golden Triangle Resort
Melissa Klurman: Spending the Night With the Elephants

Thailand’s Golden Triangle is where you can find the Anantara Golden Triangle Resort and where Melissa was staying. She has had a deep fascination for elephants since she was a child, and as an adult, Melissa went on safaris in Africa where she saw them in real life, but from afar.

The resort offers stays in “Jungle Bubbles,” which are giant see-through bubbles in the middle of an elephant sanctuary. The entire resort is surrounded by 21 elephants that are looked after and cared for by veterinarians and conservationists.

During Melissa’s stay in the Golden Triangle, she was able to spend one night in a Jungle Bubble where she got to see first-hand the life of an elephant. From the moment that she arrived at the resort, Melissa was greeted by the elephants. Once shown her room, she packed an overnight bag and made her way to her bubble while the rest of her belongings stayed at the resort.

A Night in the Bubble

elephants into the wild
Melissa Klurman: Spending the Night With the Elephants

Melissa describes the bubbles to be Jetsonesque living spaces. Each bubble is quite spacious and even has a deck with a table and chairs. Once alone in the bubble, she was able to observe the elephants and their behaviors. Most of the time, they were eating, and she could hear every crunch, breath, and step that they took.

Since elephants rarely sleep, they kept her up most of the night — whether it was with their movements, eating, or trumpeting. She woke up at about four in the morning and watched as they continued to roam the secluded sanctuary before she was picked up a few hours later to go back to the resort.