9-Year-Old Boy Graduates From High School and Pursues Astrophysics

While most nine-year-old kids struggle to balance their elementary school homework and playtime shenanigans, there’s one boy from Pennsylvania who achieved his high-school diploma at that age. David Balogun graduated from Harrisburg-based Reach Cyber Charter School after taking online classes. This achievement has made this boy prodigy one of the youngest students in the country to graduate from high school.

The Child Prodigy

David Balogun started high school in early 2020. He continued his studies virtually for three years and ended up graduating with a 4.0 GPA. As his science teacher, Cody Derr told the media, David had been an “inspirational kid,” who could make a teacher change their way of thinking about traditional teaching. Alongside several hobbies, like martial arts, playing piano, etc., David is hugely passionate about science, especially computer programming. After graduating from high school, the prodigious kid has already set his future career aspirations to become a professional astrophysicist. As David informed local media outlets, his subjects of interest are studying supernovas and black holes.

Future Options

David is already on his way to pursue his passion! The genius boy has already joined Bucks County Community College and completed an online semester. His parents are now weighing college options for him. However, as he’s just a nine-year-old child, so they’re hesitant to send David somewhere too far. According to his dad Henry Balogun and mom Ronya Balogun, it’s already difficult for little David to focus on the usual adult things in his study and related work. But, they still believe in David and so, are eyeing prestigious Ivy League institutions like the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and of course, Harvard University. Options fit for a genius, indeed!