12-Year-Old Millionaire’s Luxurious Shopping Spree

12-Year-Old Millionaire’s Range Rover Purchase

Pixie Curtis, the 12-year-old daughter of PR mogul Roxy Jacenko, has embarked on an extravagant shopping expedition that’s turning heads. The family’s recent relocation to Singapore prompted Pixie’s search for a new car, leading her to make an eye-catching choice.

A Costly Delight

A Costly Delight

Last week, Pixie, who co-founded a successful company with her mother, Roxy, caught attention with her latest purchase of a brand-new Range Rover. The young millionaire posted a snapshot on Instagram, hinting at her pre-delivery viewing experience. While the luxury vehicle’s price tag varies from $172,370 to $250,360 on average, Singapore’s stringent car ownership rules and taxes could potentially elevate the cost even further. Although Pixie won’t be behind the wheel herself just yet, her selection—a Range Rover Vogue—serves as a testament to her early affinity for opulence. However, the young entrepreneur’s journey to this point wasn’t solely paved with glitz and glamor.

Changing Horizons

Roxy Jacenko’s decision to move her family to Singapore was rooted in a desire to be with her husband, Oliver, who had taken on a new job opportunity there. The family’s initial distance prompted discussions of divorce, with Roxy considering remaining in Sydney while Oliver worked abroad. Eventually, the family of four made the decision to uproot themselves and embrace a new life in Singapore. Leaving behind their luxurious $16 million Vaucluse mansion, Roxy, Pixie, her younger brother Hunter, and even Pixie’s beloved French Bulldog, Minnie Curtis, took the leap into uncharted territory.

Fresh Start

As the family settles into their new reality, Pixie’s car choice stands as a symbol of her early success and the adventurous journey that lies ahead. Her luxurious shopping experience and Roxy’s bold decision to relocate demonstrate the ever-evolving dynamics of their family and the remarkable milestones they continue to achieve. From social media snapshots to swanky Range Rovers, the story of Pixie Curtis showcases the intersection of youth, wealth, and the pursuit of new horizons.