Seemingly Empty Burial Mound in Norway Likely Hides an Early Viking Age Ship

A Hidden Ship

You never know what’s hiding under the surface of the Earth. A burial mound in southwest Norway, dating back to the Viking age, was long thought to be empty. But a recent ground-penetrating radar analysis revealed that the ground actually holds an incredible artifact beneath it – a 1200-year-old Viking ship!

The Location

This starling discovery took place early this year during an excavation of burial mounds on the coast of Karmøy Island, near the village of Avaldsnes in southwestern Norway. Not so surprisingly, this region is believed to be the origin of Viking culture. The newly-found radar signal outline indicates the action of a ship burial during the late 8th century A.D., the very dawn of the Viking age, which spanned from 793 A.D. to 1066 A.D. If confirmed, it would be the third ship burial from the early Viking age found in the area. Håkon Reiersen, an archaeologist at the University of Stavanger in Norway and the leader of the excavating team informed the media that the location of the burials is a very strategic point, as the maritime traffic along the Norwegian coast was controlled from there.

The Burial Mounds

The Burial Mounds

The recent ship-shaped radar signals were detected at the Salhushaugen mound. Norwegian archaeologist Haakon Shetelig first excavated this mound back in 1906. At that time, Shetelig and his team had already discovered an early Viking age ship from 795 A.D. at the nearby Grønhaug burial mound. Another nearby Viking ship burial was discovered by other archeologists in 1886, at the earlier-time Storhaug mound from 779 A.D. Reiersen suspects that Shetelig’s team stopped digging the Salhushaugen mound after reaching a rock layer near the bottom of it. Though they are uncertain about the condition in which the ship is preserved, the excavating team from the University of Stavanger hopes to continue excavations of the mound to dig down to the Salhushaugen ship.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Are Looking for Partners to Buy the Mets

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are one of the most famous couples on the block right now, and there’s no doubt about the fact that their respective careers are ones to be proud of. After all, Alex Rodriguez is a legend within the game of baseball, and while he is no longer an active player on the field, it’s been reported that he and his wife are now looking to buy the New York Mets. If you’re intrigued and have an impressive fortune to their name, you could be their new partner…

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Are Looking for Partners to Buy the Mets

A Sale Falling Through

It’s common knowledge that the Wilpon family are the majority owners of the New York Mets, and they even own Sportsnet New York (SNY), which is the company that streams the Mets games to those across the globe. While the Wilpons are looking to sell their share in the overall team, they’re not willing to sell their 65% control over SNY – which is causing a few issues for the couple. While a minority owner by the name of Steve Cohen put in an offer to buy the team for around $2.6 million, the sale fell through, which means it’s now down to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to come up with their next move.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Are Looking for Partners to Buy the Mets

Not Enough Money

With a combined net worth of around $700 million, there’s no doubt about the fact that these two have a huge amount of money to their names – but that’s just not enough if you want to buy a baseball team. Rarely does anyone other than a billionaire get the chance to take over ownership, which means that these two are now looking for investors and partners who are willing to hand over their money to help them out. However, many skeptics and experts within the field do not believe that anyone would do such a thing.

Do you think this deal will go through?