A Famous Cave With Paintings Had Been Occupied for 50,000 Years

The Cave of Ardales is one of the richest rock art sites found in Europe, and it’s famous for its abundance of paintings. New evidence has revealed that its inhabitants had plenty of time to add to the existing art. It was discovered that the cave was inhabited by both Neanderthals and modern humans during a period of at least 50,000 years.

The Cave Was Used Until the Copper Age, Some 7,000 Years Ago

A Famous Cave With Paintings Had Been Occupied for 50,000 Years Past analysis that was made of the paint on the walls in the cave has shown that the art was made 65,000 years ago, making it the oldest in the world. An archaeological study of the cave didn’t go that far back but revealed charcoal residue from about 58,000 years ago. It’s known that at that time, the inhabitants of Europe were Neanderthals with humans showing up in the area around 30,000 years ago. However, the recent dig has revealed that there were plenty of relics and signs from after the arrival of humans in the area. Humans seem to have continued painting on the walls and later used the cave as a burial site until 7,000 years ago, during the Copper Age.

The Cave of Ardales Had a Symbolic Value for Prehistoric Societies

Recent research shows that the cave wasn’t used for housing or shelter from the elements but was rather visited to carry out non-domestic tasks like the production of rock art and the burial of the dead. It appears the cave had great symbolic value for ancient societies and that has provided scientists with one of the best opportunities to study prehistoric European culture. This was further backed by the discovery of tools from the time, just a short walk away from the cave, near a spring.

Hand stencils and abstract red finger marks in the Cave of ArdalesThe Cave of Ardales is known for over 1,000 wall engravings and paintings, with the oldest ones being hand stencils and abstract red finger marks that can be found near the entrance. The interior houses relatively more recent paintings and even engravings of animals. While the art is hard to date precisely, the analysis of the paint flecks has shown that some were made during the time of the Neanderthals. Many years of digging near the entrance of the cave have revealed many objects that could be dated in better detail.

A Landslide Had Sealed the Entrance of the Cave of Ardales

It seems the Cave of Ardales had been used for around 50,000 years up until a landslide had sealed its entrance at some point during the last 4,000 years. It’s believed that it had remained unvisited ever since then until its rediscovery in 1821. However, charcoal in the cave has been dated from the 16th-17th century with a fragment of a partially calcified rope. This has confirmed that humans had visited the cave a few centuries before its existence became public knowledge.

The entrance of the Cave of ArdalesGiven that the majority of its floor has not been dug, archaeologists still have plenty of reason to return to the Cave of Ardales.

SNL Has Honored Comedian Norm MacDonald After His Recent Passing

Norm MacDonald was one of the most iconic and beloved comedians to ever perform on Saturday Night Live. Some of his best performances were as an anchor on SNL’s Weekend Update segment and his great impersonations of Larry King and Burt Reynolds. To honor the comedian’s recent passing, the SNL crew has shared a video on social media with MacDonald’s best impersonations and most memorable lines.

Norm MacDonald Was One of the Most Emblematic Comedians to Ever Perform During the 46 Seasons of SNL

SNL Has Honored Comedian Norm MacDonald After His Recent Passing MacDonald was a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1993 to 1998. He became synonymous with the role of the Weekend Update’s anchor as he led the segment for three seasons. Norm MacDonald passed away at the age of 61 after losing his battle with cancer. The current Weekend Update anchor, Colin Jost, pointed out that MacDonald was his biggest influence for the role.

As the World Mourns the Passing of Norm MacDonald, the SNL Crew Has Paid Their Respects

SNL producer and creator Lorne Michaels came out with the official statement addressing the death of the beloved comedian. He posted his pain-ridden words on social media, together with the video highlighting the unforgettable performances of the comedian. Michaels stated that it was a sad day for all of the crew at SNL who mourned the loss of Norm Macdonald. He continued to point out MacDonald’s role as one of the most impactful comedic voices of his and any other generation, praising the late comedian’s unflinching integrity, generosity, and consistent ability to surprise. Michaels ended the statement by simply stating that above all else, Norm was just plain funny, and no one was quite like him.

The Celebrity Jeopardy! Segment during the SNL's 40th-anniversary special with Norm MacDonald, Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, Alec Baldwin, and Darrell Hammond reprising their iconic sketch roles.Norm MacDonald did many sketches during his time at SNL, and one of his most iconic routines was his impersonation of Burt Reynolds during the Celebrity Jeopardy! – segment. Norm was so popular for this performance that he did the impersonation many times and reprised the role on SNL’s 40th-anniversary special. In the shoes of Burt Reynolds and the Weekend Update‘s anchor, MacDonald has said many everlasting lines, poking fun at the Oscars, Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Donald Trump, and others.