Susan Sarandon Makes Cameo in Son’s Satirical ‘Day in the Life of a Nepo Baby’ Instagram Video

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While some nepo-babies shy away from the title, this one knew just how to embrace it the best! Enter Jack Henry Robbins, who recently released a short Instagram video titled A Day in the Life of a Nepo Baby, featuring none other than his famous mom Susan Sanderson. The 34-year-old’s video, which offers a satirical, comical peek into his daily routine, has since gone viral, and people are loving the mother-son duo and their antics!

Morning Rituals and Wellness

Robbins kicks off the video by introducing himself and detailing his morning routine, complete with wellness practices such as meditation and stretching. Humorously, he incorporates a massive photo of his mother Susan Sarandon overlooking his bed.

Engaging in meditation while periodically checking his phone, he quips, “Meditation is very important to me to start my day.” Robbins then takes the audience into his shower, showcasing unconventional artwork, including a photo of his father, Tim Robbins, during an iconic scene from The Shawshank Redemption.

A Peek Into Susan Sarandon’s World

The highlight of the video is Robbins’ visit to his mother’s apartment, adorned with numerous awards, where Susan Sarandon, 77, makes her guest appearance. Playfully zooming in on her irritated reaction, Robbins narrates their dynamic, expressing gratitude for the lessons his mother imparts, both about the movie industry and life.

The duo also have a hilarious mocking fight revolving around money and inheritance. The video then transitions to a scene of Susan Sarandon napping, which Robbins comments is his mom’s usual post-fight nap routine.

Ceremony and Playful Soul-Draining

The day concludes with a lighthearted ceremony where Robbins and Susan Sarandon hide in a dark closet, and Robbins dons a black velvet robe. With a humorous tone, Robbins describes the ritual as an opportunity to “drain as much talent from my mother’s soul as much as I possibly can,” ending the video on a playful note.

Instagram // @jackhenryrobbins

It’s fun to see a celebrity child embrace the term nepo-baby in a joking manner, not taking it too seriously. And who wouldn’t want to see Susan Sarandon enjoying doing something so silly with her son? Talk about a supportive parent.