Leland Fraser, the Youngest Son of Brendan Fraser, Makes NYFW Debut as a Model

The Musical and Modeling Journey of Leland Fraser, the Son of Brendan Fraser

After the triumphant Oscar win of Brendan Fraser, his teenage son, Leland Fraser, also found himself in an unexpected spotlight. The 17-year-old has recently made his modeling debut at New York Fashion Week (NYFW), walking in designer Peter Do’s highly acclaimed Helmut Lang.


Leland’s journey to NYFW began with an impromptu performance in West Hollywood. Just after his father’s Oscar win, Leland, an aspiring musician who often shares his guitar and bass playing on Instagram, joined the ’80s cover band Fast Times on stage for a rendition of ZZ Top’s “Tush”. While he felt comfortable with the music, the thrill of performing in front of a large crowd at the legendary venue was undeniable. His father Brendan Fraser, despite his Oscar success, couldn’t offer specific advice for the music gig since he’s not well-versed in music. Nonetheless, Leland delivered a memorable performance.

A Budding Modeling Career

A Budding Modeling Career

Transitioning from music to modeling, Leland has embraced the opportunity. He made his way into the modeling world, partly due to his striking resemblance to his father and a viral TikTok clip comparing him to young redheaded actress Sadie Sink, who starred alongside Brendan Fraser in the Oscar-winning The Whale as his on-screen daughter. The internet’s fascination with celebrity genetics contributed to Leland’s newfound popularity and modeling career. With a contract from Marilyn agency, he ventured into the world of fashion and eventually made his debut at NYFW, walking for Peter Do’s collection. While he’s still exploring his interest in fashion, he’s drawn to edgier styles and rock-and-roll vibes, deviating from traditional suit-ties.

Balancing Music and Modeling

While Leland embraces this newfound modeling career, he acknowledges that music remains his primary passion. Leland describes his music taste as “primarily Jimi Hendrix with a touch of everything else.” While he’s known for his level-headed demeanor in everyday life, he transforms on stage, using music as an emotional outlet. Modeling, on the other hand, offers him a different form of self-expression. It allows him to physically convey himself while music taps into his emotional depth, letting him explore diverse facets of his identity and artistic flair. As young talent Leland graces the NYFW runway, it’s a momentous step on his evolving journey of self-expression, following the footsteps of his father Brendan Fraser, not only in the entertainment industry but also in carving out his own unique path in music and fashion.