See the 1982 Cast of Annie Then and Now


Based on the 1977 Broadway musical and the iconic Little Orphan Annie comic strip, the movie garnered acclaim for its memorable songs and performances. Here’s a look at the star studded cast of Annie, today!

Aileen Quinn as Annie

We bet you won’t recognize her now. Aileen Quinn’s early exposure to dance classes at the age of four set the stage for a remarkable journey where she soon found herself playing the lead role in Annie.

Photo Credits: Walter McBride / Contributor ; Steve Granitz / Contributor

Beyond Annie, she explored regional theatre, embraced indie films, and later delved into education. Today, Quinn graces the stage with her band, Aileen Quinn and the Leapin’ Lizards—a top quality throwback to her titular character’s catchphrase.

Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan

Carol Burnett’s move from Texas to New York City marked the beginning of a stellar career, including a Tony-nominated role in Once Upon a Mattress. In Annie, Burnett delivered a memorable performance as the vivacious Miss Hannigan.

Images Press / Contributor ; Steve Granitz / Contributor

Post-Annie, her legacy thrives, with awards like the Mark Twain Prize and the establishment of the Carol Burnett Award at the Golden Globes.

Albert Finney as Daddy Warbucks

Albert Finney’s journey from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art to stardom included iconic roles like Tom Jones. As Daddy Warbucks in Annie, Finney’s portrayal left an indelible mark.

His prolific career spanned three decades, featuring notable films like Big Fish, Erin Brockovich and Skyfall. Finney’s legacy endures, despite his passing in 2019. RIP.

Ann Reinking as Grace Farrell

Ann Reinking showcased her versatility as Grace Farrell, Warbucks’ love interest and the adoptive mother of Annie. Ann Reinking’s ballet beginnings evolved into a Broadway career, with roles in Pippin and A Chorus Line.

George Rose / Contributor ; Walter McBride / Contributor

Retiring from movies in 1984, Reinking continued to influence as a choreographer until her passing in 2020. Her impact extended to the FX miniseries Fosse/Verdon, inspiring a new generation of performers.

Geoffrey Holder as Punjab

Trinidad-born Geoffrey Holder’s artistic journey encompassed dance, Broadway, and visual arts. From House of Flowers to Annie’s Punjab, Holder’s diverse talents shone.

Michael Ochs Archives / Stringer ; Walter McBride / Contributor

A Tony Award winner for The Wiz, he balanced performing with visual arts, earning a Guggenheim Fellowship. He passed away in 2014, at the age of 84.

Bernadette Peters as Lily

New York native Bernadette Peters featured in Annie as Lily, showcasing her comedic brilliance. By the way, does she resemble Helena Bonham-Carter or is it just us?

Vinnie Zuffante / Stringer ; Dave Benett / Contributor

Peters’ theatrical odyssey continued, starring in Hello, Dolly! and gracing TV screens in shows like Mozart in the Jungle. Beyond acting, she co-founded Broadway Barks, advocating for shelter animal adoption.

Tim Curry as Rooster

A living legend. Tim Curry’s debut in Hair led to iconic roles like Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Archive Photos / Stringer ; Jason LaVeris / Contributor

In Annie, he portrayed Rooster, Miss Hannigan’s conniving brother. Curry shifted his focus to voice work in 2012, but his legendary impact on stage and screen endures.

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